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Grace Varley - age 13 or 14

Growing Up

Grace - with Mary and Laura Flewellyn


Sister Mary

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Jackson's Point - 1930

Graduation - 1931

Picnic - 1938




William and Edith (Buszard) Varley


James and Harriet (Pratt) Buszard



Summary of Grace's Life

by Grace Reynolds

born May 12, 1908 - Oakville

orphaned in 1918 - mother, aunt, baby brother died in 1918 flu epidemic

spent 10 years with grandparents

left school to work at 16 and moved to Toronto at 18 yrs.

went to night school and 1/2 days day school while she worked so she could obtain her credits so she could go into training to be a nurse in 1928 at Women's College Hospital

graduated in 1931 obtaining a prize for obstetrical nursing.

took a post grad. course at Toronto Psychiatric Hospital mainly to be doing something when there was less call for nurses. Learned a lot and enjoyed the course.

the thirties were difficult times - recession years.

married in 1939. Married nurses not allowed to register for private duty work or work in hospitals.

when war started in '39 nurses were needed again - but was now busy at home with two children.

later did part time and full time nursing at the Women's College Hosp. and Humber Memorial Hosp.

I was busy and happy in church activities Harvey Ave. Church, Manor Rd. United and Westminster Church. I taught Sunday school, was active with the couples club & later with the Fellowship group. Helped with meals for the Lions & Rotary Clubs.

also, always active with the doings of my Hospital Alumnae - serving on the executive & president at one time.

during the thirties my holidays were spent attending CGIT camps as nurse - one summer at a United Church "Fresh Air" camp and a camp run by the University Settlement.

A close friend - a nurse - her obituary notice said "a long and useful life." I like that & for the most part sums up my life - it has had its ups & downs - mostly happy. I am grateful to have had a loving husband, a great family & good friends.

PS. happy to have had the opportunity to visit some other countries to broaden one's horizons.

-Grace Reynolds abt.1995

Notes By Grace Reynolds

Grace worked as a maid for the United Church facility (?) across from Deer Park United Church (Avenue Road and Bloor?), Toronto, ON (Grace (Varley) Reynolds)

Kingsley Joblin was the minister at Westminster United in Weston, ON just before Murray and Grace Reynolds moved there in 1947. He started the couples club and was involved with the organization of the club (as was Murray and Grace) after he left Westminster to teach at Emanuel College, Toronto. Kingsley's brother was the minister at Manor Road United Church, Toronto, ON, when the Reynolds' family moved from Manor Road Church to Westminster in 1947. (Grace (Varley) Reynolds)

George Pratt (Harriet Pratt's brother) was a 'cute old guy'. He kept a chamber pot in his room, even though the bathroom was next door, when he came to visit. It was my job to empty the chamber pot. (Grace (Varley) Reynolds)

The wicker basket that contained a cake was sent from Grace Varley's great grandmother in England (Sarah Webb) to Grace's grandmother (Harriet Pratt). (Grace (Varley) Reynolds)

The house where Grace Varley was born is on the road that used to be known as Town Line in Oakville, ON. (Grace (Varley) Reynolds)


Memories For a "31" Grad - Grace Reynolds

The evening before our first day - trying on our uniforms & meeting on the stair landing (no sitting room) in the Dennison House - Rusholme Rd. & College St. This was a time to meet our classmates - last names only were used.

Sept. 28 - first day of our careers - orientation - classes - learning more - doing more with patients - studying, working on the wards. "Will I make it?" - never quite sure.

The "Cap Day" following six months of probation. Worked 12 hr. night duty for 2 months. Given more responsibilities - sleep time broken for classes. Never got a whole day off until holiday time.

Holidays - go home, rest up, ready for another year.

Spent 2 months at Sick Children's Hosp. - enjoyed my time there. Some students went to the Psychiatric Hosp. in Guelph. 2 months Public Health - really interesting. 2 months diet kitchen.

Then - wonderful day - graduation "1931" held in the garden at Rusholm Rd. in the afternoon followed by a dance in the evening. It was a wonderful day - graduation ceremonies - family - friends - flowers. A perfect June day to remember.

-Grace Reynolds abt.1995

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