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Sarah Snelling

Female Abt 1814 - 1874  (~ 60 years)

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Mary Anne Durrant
Female Abt 1845-
Amos Angelo Gooding
Male 1873-1873
Gladstone Lorne Gooding
Male 1899-1959
Harold Wesley Gooding
Male 1901-1901
Gertrude Myra May Gooding
Female 1903-1998
Edward Howells
Male 1900-1990
New chart
Louisa Merle Gooding
Female 1906-1983
Cecil Augustus Pretty
Male 1904-1981
William Orval Gooding
Male 1908-1996
Annie Elizabeth Wright
Female 1907-1979
New chart
Francis James Gooding
Male 1909-
Dorothy Elizabeth Smith
Female Abt 1915-
Robert Charles Gooding
Male 1911-
Earl Alexander Gooding
Male 1912-1986
Mary Dewilla Krupp
Female 1915-2003
Robert James Gooding
Male 1875-1947
Julia Ann Krigner
Female 1877-1962
William Cartwright
Male 1916-1989
Edna M.
Female 1922-2001
Sarah Ann Gooding
Female 1882-
Ernest Cartwright
Male 1881-
Annie Minerva Hall
Female 1906-
William James Walker
Male 1900-1932
Stanley Hall
Male Abt 1916-
Mabel May Gooding
Female 1884-
Ainslie Wesley Hall
Male 1871-1946
Francis Herman Cooper
Male 1910-1999
Helen Bowie
Female 1914-2003
New chart
Edwin C. Cooper
Male 1914-
Robert Donald Cooper
Male 1916-2010
Florence McKnight
Female -1990
William Alexander Cooper
Male Abt 1921-
Mary Eveline Gooding
Female 1885-1957
Herman Henry Cecil Cooper
Male 1882-1961
Sarah Gooding
Female 1887-
Michael Durrant Gooding
Male Abt 1888-
Maria Durrant
Female 1847-1908
Francis James Gooding
Male 1852-1932
William Henry Riddolls
Male 1871-1936
Minnie Riddolls
Female 1898-1918
William Henry Finch
Male Abt 1891-
Grace Riddolls
Female 1901-
James Albert Riddolls
Male 1872-1930
Caroline Emily Hughes
Female 1878-
Muriel Elizabeth McKean
Female 1895-
Percival Valletort Edel
Male 1891-
Rachel Isabella McKean
Female 1897-1914
Hannah Jane McKean
Female 1900-
Edward John Wickson
Male Abt 1892-
Mary McKean
Female 1904-2003
James Hebden
Male 1899-1969
John Glanville McKean
Male 1907-
Dorothy Verma Paddison
Female 1903-
George Alexander McKean
Male 1908-1925
Barbara Ruth McKean
Female 1910-
Hannah Riddolls
Female 1874-1923
George Dickie McKean
Male 1868-
Woodsie Randall
Male Abt 1903-
John Glenville Randall
Male 1904-1994
Edna Catherine McDonald
Female 1909-1993
New chart
Rachel Edna Randall
Female 1906-1976
Nicholas John Sager
Male Abt 1902-1971
Mary Della Randall
Female 1908-1997
Leonard Overholt
Male 1910-1975
George Wesley Randall
Male 1911-1963
Verdun K. Randall
Male Abt 1916-1970
Elizabeth Ann Riddolls
Female 1877-1953
Thomas William Randall
Male 1873-1952
Elijah Riddolls
Male 1879-
Elmer Riddolls
Male -1920
Charles Riddolls
Male 1882-1920
Myrtle May Millard
Female 1890-
Sarah Jane Riddolls
Female 1884-1900
Muriel Grace Chadder
Female 1913-
Dorothy Chadder
Female Abt 1915-
Mary Riddolls
Female 1886-
John Wilson Chadder
Male 1890-
Cora Victoria May Riddolls
Female 1912-2003
Ralph Wellington Riddolls
Male 1916-1982
Reta M. Riddolls
Female Abt 1918-
Gladys G. Riddolls
Female Abt 1919-
John Thomas Riddolls
Male 1889-
Mary Melvina Tremain
Female 1892-
Rachel Durrant
Female 1849-1918
John Glanville Riddolls
Male 1845-1913
Samuel Milton Lindenschmidt
Male 1888-1941
Henrietta DeKoning
Female 1892-1975
New chart
Sarah Violet Lindenschmidt
Female Abt 1890-1970
William Martin Kemp
Male 1889-1956
New chart
John Osfred Lindenschmidt
Male 1894-1974
Florence Baker
Female Abt 1895-
Rose Angeline Smith
Female Abt 1901-1994
Emma Jane Karges
Female 1867-1941
Henry Lindenschmidt
Male 1863-1921
Herman A. Luten
Male 1860-1936
Cora Greta Karges
Female 1901-1974
Gordon Conrad Bender
Male 1896-1983
Gertrude Effie Karges
Female 1902-1930
Melvin Rapp
Male 1905-
Harold Milton Karges
Male 1907-1978
Violet Lenora Bean
Female 1906-1986
William John Karges
Male 1870-1954
Melissa Snelling
Female 1870-1954
Female 1906-1906
William Ernest Karges
Male 1907-
Thomas Henry Karges
Male 1877-1908
Martha Sophronia Miller
Female 1882-
Margareta Good
Female Abt 1915-
Charlotte Anne Karges
Female 1886-
Ezra Mahlon Good
Male 1885-
Sarah Durrant
Female 1850-1933
George Karges
Male 1845-1922
Doraine Winnifred Durrant
Female 1901-
Raymond Phillips
Male Abt 1895-
Thomas Quinn
Male 1881-1938
New chart
Howard L. Johnson
Male Abt 1901-
Maude M. Durrant
Female 1904-1993
Horace Charles Bachelor
Male 1897-1971
New chart
William Harold Durrant
Male 1907-
Leona Howay
Female Abt 1906-
Clarence Clifford Durrant
Male 1911-2002
Lillian Evelyn Kyllander
Female 1910-1999
Earl Durrant
Male 1915-1916
Arlene Durrant
Female 1920-2005
Julian Edgar Shelley
Male 1911-1971
Lloyd Melvin Barr
Male 1928-1989
Sanford Alexander Durrant
Male 1880-1957
Mary Ann Gallagher
Female 1882-1957
Harriet Florence Durrant
Female 1882-1891
Harold Victor McDougall
Male 1903-1983
Eva Shoemaker
Female 1904-1975
Clifford Armour McDougall
Male 1909-1995
Jean M. Stewart
Female 1909-1986
George W. McDougall
Male 1913-1997
Evelyn Ivy Kemp
Female 1915-2003
Margaret Maude Durrant
Female Abt 1885-1965
George Armour McDougall
Male 1878-1979
William Durrant
Male 1854-1893
Angeline Wilson
Female Abt 1859-1949
George Morely Bride
Male 1903-
Edith Elizabeth Diamond
Female 1896-
John Wesley Carman Bride
Male 1905-
Alice Josephine Spence
Female 1903-
James Richard Stanley Bride
Male 1907-
Elizabeth Josephine Bean
Female 1906-
Edna Alice Durrant
Female 1879-
Hubert Morley Bride
Male 1874-
Muriel Durrant
Female Abt 1915-
Robert Manford Durrant
Male 1881-
Lucinda Florence Elliott
Female 1892-
James Elmer Durrant
Male 1882-1965
Frances Evans Gibson
Female 1890-1980
James Clifford Stewart
Male 1909-
Greta Stewart
Female Abt 1920-
Annie Ethel Durrant
Female 1886-
William David Stewart
Male 1881-1945
Myrtle Victoria Greta Durrant
Female 1897-1995
Stephen Edward Butchart
Male 1895-1977
James Durrant
Male 1855-1931
Mary Ghent Wilson
Female 1856-1944
Hannah Mearl Snelling
Female 1904-
Samuel Snelling
Male 1907-
Mary Emeline Durrant
Female 1882-
William Edward Snelling
Male 1866-1923
Charles St. Clair Durrant
Male 1885-
Florence Daisy Bailey
Female Abt 1884-
Irene Stevenson
Female 1907-
Elizabeth Bertha Durrant
Female 1887-
Herbert John Stevenson
Male 1885-
Leonard A. Shortreed
Male Abt 1917-
Saraah Etta Durrant
Female 1890-
William Mason Shortreed
Male 1889-
Stephen Durrant
Male 1857-1937
Hannah Gooding
Female 1847-1901
Rachel Gowing
Female 1856-1937
New chart
Sarah Snelling
Female Abt 1814-1874
Robert Durrant
Male 1818-1894

Many thanks to all who have contributed names, dates, photographs and stories. Corrections are always welcome.
Our research is ongoing and the validity of the information presented should be judged by the quality of our sources.

Our study includes our ancestors and their descendants (our cousins) and our cousins' spouses and their parents. The parents of our cousins' spouses will show as "A descendant is related to Susan or Barry" and their other children will not be included unless they are connected to our family.

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