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Rev. Joseph Bechtel

Male 1761 - 1838  (77 years)

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Saruch Eby
Male 1849-1883
Mary Ann Hagey
Female 1845-1884
New chart
Israel Eby
Male 1851-
Hannah Eby
Female 1854-1936
Peter Wenger
Male 1848-
New chart
Ezra Eby
Male 1856-1933
Emma Schoendelmeier
Female 1870-
New chart
Silas Eby
Male 1860-Aft 1936
Maria Bergey
Female 1866-1908
New chart
Susannah Eby
Female 1861-1895
Mary Ann Eby
Female 1864-1943
Nathaniel Martin
Male 1862-1918
New chart
Joseph Eby
Male 1811-1871
Magdalena Bingeman
Female 1822-1865
Margaret Cress
Female Abt 1849-
David Betzner
Male 1833-1922
Catherine Brubacher
Female 1838-1911
New chart
Noah Betzner
Male 1836-1927
Barbara Snyder
Female 1838-1925
New chart
Moses Betzner
Male 1838-1931
Veronica Brubacher
Female 1843-1935
New chart
Elizabeth Betzner
Female 1839-1932
Joseph C. Snyder
Male 1837-1909
New chart
Mary Betzner
Female 1850-1873
Levi C. Snyder
Male 1847-1921
New chart
Magdalena Eby
Female 1813-1886
John B. Betzner
Male 1808-1854
Magdalena E. Histand
Female 1857-
Levi C. Snyder
Male 1847-1921
New chart
Abraham Histand
Male 1810-1863
Joseph D. Hallman
Male 1808-1896
Enoch Eby
Male 1841-Bef 1923
Kezia Weldy
Female Abt 1849-Bef 1880
New chart
Simon Eby
Male 1843-1866
Seth Eby
Male 1846-Aft 1910
Hannah C. Harrington
Female 1849-
New chart
Sarugh Eby
Male 1849-1923
Anna Wenger
Female 1854-1928
New chart
Jacob W. Eby
Male 1851-1918
Elizabeth Wenger
Female 1856-1896
New chart
John Eby
Male 1854-Bef 1923
Hattie Weaver
Joseph Eby
Male 1857-Bef 1923
Noah Eby
Male 1863-Bef 1923
Laura Moon
New chart
Jacob B. Eby
Male 1815-1896
Mary Bingeman
Female 1820-1915
Elizabeth E. Snyder
Female 1848-1916
David S. Bingeman
Male 1849-1919
New chart
Susannah Eby
Female 1824-1906
Samuel S. Snider
Male 1824-1862
Amanda Eby
Female 1851-1910
Elias Bingeman
Male 1850-1930
New chart
Mary Ann Eby
Female 1870-1941
Allen Cressman
Male 1866-1935
New chart
Salina Eby
Female 1872-1946
Allan H. Kraft
Male 1870-1949
New chart
David B. Eby
Male 1827-1897
Lydia Baumann
Female 1831-1882
Susannah Eby
Female 1856-1929
Reuben S. Snider
Male 1857-1933
New chart
Reuben Eby
Male 1860-1934
Mary Ann Brubacker
Female 1860-1932
New chart
Hannah Eby
Female 1867-1943
Enoch Burkhart
Male 1861-1940
New chart
Rebecca S. Eby
Female 1872-1949
Noah M. Good
Male 1868-1950
New chart
Elias B. Eby
Male 1829-1906
Rachel Shantz
Female 1833-1900
Elisabeth Bechtel
Female 1787-1844
David Eby
Male 1785-1860
Magdalena M. Bechtel
Female 1851-1908
Jacob R. Schiedel
Male 1834-1912
New chart
Esther Bechtel
Female 1853-
Jacob S. Witmer
Male 1854-
New chart
Susannah M. Bechtel
Female 1854-
Jacob Sitler
Male 1852-
New chart
Menno M. Bechtel
Male 1864-1930
Sarah Ann Wahl
Female 1868-1944
New chart
Joseph B. Bechtel
Male 1824-1895
Sarah Miller
Female 1828-1907
Samuel C. Bechtel
Male 1853-1879
Jesse C. Bechtel
Male 1855-1931
Rebecca Cober
Female 1855-1909
New chart
Cyrus Bechtel
Male 1857-1888
Catherine Panabaker
Female 1858-
New chart
Lovina Bechtel
Female 1860-1932
Anson W. Groh
Male 1859-1944
New chart
Elizabeth Bechtel
Female 1863-1889
Jonathan Groh
Male 1860-1946
Noah C. Bechtel
Male 1865-1942
Hannah Woolner
Female 1865-1908
New chart
C. W.
Solomon Bechtel
Male 1828-1897
Hester Clemens
Female 1830-1905
Amos B. Snyder
Male 1854-1937
Mary Ann Kunsenhouser
Female 1854-1896
New chart
Samuel B. Snyder
Male 1856-1902
Amanda Horst Rudy
Female 1857-1889
New chart
Mary Ann B. Snyder
Female 1859-1932
Noah C. Bechtel
Male 1856-1951
New chart
Christian B. Snyder
Male 1862-1944
Esther C. Bechtel
Female 1863-1940
New chart
Moses B. Snyder
Male 1875-1953
Mary Wismer
Female 1874-1962
New chart
Lydia B. Bechtel
Female 1830-1886
Moses K. Snyder
Male 1827-1901
Samuel Bechtel
Male 1791-1861
Barbara Baumann
Female 1799-1871
Elizabeth Clemens
Female 1817-
Ezra Hilliard
Sarah Clemens
Female 1844-
D. H. McKersie
New chart
Hannah Clemens
Female 1846-1873
Alexander Merical
Male 1851-1928
New chart
Mary Clemens
Female 1848-
Hugh Mulholland
Male Cal 1845-
New chart
Enoch Clemens
Male 1849-
David J. Clemens
Male 1851-
Isabella Bobet Douglas
Female Abt 1859-1943
New chart
Joseph Clemens
Male 1858-
Samuel G. Clemens
Male 1862-
Elizabeth Clemens
Female 1864-
B. Newstead
Samuel Clemens
Male 1819-1896
Elizabeth Gingerich
Female 1824-1900
Lydia Weber
Female 1841-1911
Friederich Kumpf
Male 1835-1906
New chart
Elizabeth Weber
Female 1842-1917
Benjamin B. Martin
Male 1836-1898
New chart
Rev. Moses Weber
Male 1844-
Catherine Funk
Female -Bef 1902
Christena Sherk
Female Cal 1856-
Catherina Weber
Female 1846-1914
Rev. David B. Martin
Male 1838-1920
New chart
Veronica Weber
Female 1847-
David Geiger
Male Abt 1846-1921
New chart
Nathan Weber
Male 1849-1864
Hannah Weber
Female 1851-1881
Joseph Becker
New chart
Mary Weber
Female 1853-
Joel Weber
Male 1855-
Amos Weber
Male 1857-
Susannah Meuser
New chart
Nancy Weber
Female 1858-
William Rodgers
New chart
Jesse Weber
Male 1860-
Rebecca Weber
Female 1862-1864
Sarah Weber
Female 1864-
John A. Scherer
New chart
Mary Clemens
Female 1823-1917
John C. Weber
Male 1818-1908
J. Hilker
A. Hilker
E. Hilker
Hannah Clemens
Female 1826-1856
Henry Hilker
Amanda Clemens
Female 1864-1937
Charles K. Moss
Male 1864-1909
New chart
Joseph Clemens
Male 1830-1890
Magdalena Holm
Female 1833-1917
Veronica Bechtel
Female 1794-1879
Nathan Clemens
Male 1790-1832
Christian Strome
Male 1778-1850
William Copplin
Rev. Joseph Bechtel
Male 1761-1838
Magdalena Allebach
Female 1765-1837

Many thanks to all who have contributed names, dates, photographs and stories. Corrections are always welcome.
Our research is ongoing and the validity of the information presented should be judged by the quality of our sources.

Our study includes our ancestors and their descendants (our cousins) and our cousins' spouses and their parents. The parents of our cousins' spouses will show as "A descendant is related to Susan or Barry" and their other children will not be included unless they are connected to our family.

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