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Abraham O. Clemens

Male 1815 - 1859  (44 years)

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Araminta Keeler
Female 1883-1964
Edward F. Freed
Male Abt 1884-1951
New chart
Cora Keeler
Female 1885-1968
William K. Yoder
Male 1885-1918
New chart
Abram Hackman
Male 1877-1952
New chart
Lillian Keeler
Female 1888-
Melvin L. Freed
Male 1890-
New chart
Mary Ann Anders
Female 1863-1891
Jessie Keeler
Male 1856-1917
Abraham Anders
Male 1864-1864
Arthur Anders
Male 1891-1983
Edna Nyce
Female 1894-1975
New chart
Leroy Anders
Male 1893-1977
Mabel Boorse
Female 1893-1979
New chart
Mary Edna Anders
Female 1895-1980
Herbert Knechel
Male 1892-1964
New chart
Clayton Anders
Male 1897-1978
Lizzie Dettra
Female 1898-1968
New chart
Sara Ann Stoll
Female 1906-
Reuben Anders
Male 1898-1953
Minnie Derstein
Female 1900-1989
Norman F. Anders
Male 1900-1983
Edith S. Stauffer
Female 1901-1979
New chart
Alvin Anders
Male 1902-1976
Lydia Malinda Diller
Female 1903-1961
New chart
Naomi Myers
Female 1918-1964
Edna Groff
Female 1908-2002
Wilson Anders
Male 1903-1967
Mary Ellen Moyer
Female 1907-1951
New chart
Esther Moyer
Female 1909-2007
Susie Mae Anders
Female 1905-2000
Vincent Moyer
Male 1904-1993
New chart
Margaret Anders
Female 1910-2000
Raymond Stoneback
Male 1906-1976
New chart
Jeremiah Anders
Male 1866-1963
Fannie Fretz
Female 1871-1944
Leroy Anders
Male 1890-1891
Katherine Anders
Female 1868-1890
Franklin Anders
Male 1866-
Claude Kulp
Male 1891-1893
Estella Kulp
Female 1894-1986
Theodore Keyser
Male 1896-1987
New chart
Robert Kulp
Male 1898-1975
Lillian Reller
Female 1903-2003
New chart
Samuel Kulp
Male 1901-1980
Gertrude Pieper
Female 1914-1984
Leroy Kulp
Male 1913-1971
Sarah Seitz
Female 1912-
Anna Anders
Female 1869-1959
Samuel H. Kulp
Male 1867-
John Anders
Male 1871-1875
Warren Anders
Male 1897-
Alice Grubb
Female 1901-
New chart
Susan Anders
Female 1898-1975
Jacob Hallman
Male 1895-1974
New chart
Clarence Bechtel
Male -1949
Horace Anders
Male 1873-1965
Mary Bobb
Female 1873-1963
Bertha Moyer
Female 1894-1895
Willis Moyer
Male 1895-1969
Mary Ellen Alderfer
Female 1897-1980
New chart
Lizzie Moyer
Female 1900-1977
Samuel Landis
Male 1896-1977
New chart
Susan Anders
Female 1875-1924
Samuel Moyer
Male 1873-1908
Mildred Markley
Female 1915-1964
William Deturk
Male 1912-1964
New chart
Josiah Markley
Male 1870-1950
Charles Markley
Male 1901-1977
Mildred Viola Wilde
Female 1902-1977
New chart
Earl Markley
Male 1905-
Lillian Mae Bechtel
Female 1908-
New chart
Mildred Markley
Female 1908-2001
Wilbur Kriebel
Male 1902-1995
John Loran Markley
Male 1910-1910
Irma Markley
Female 1911-1965
Nelson Belford
Male 1906-
New chart
Clara Anders
Female 1877-1973
Henry Markley
Male 1874-1960
Alvin Anders
Male 1879-1954
Tessie Foulk
Female 1901-
Alma Anders
Female 1906-2003
J. Everett Nyce
Male 1907-
Marvin Anders
Male 1907-1973
Mary Alderfer
Female 1910-1990
New chart
Sallie Anders
Female 1908-2000
Cyrus Landes
Male 1907-1993
New chart
Earl Anders
Male 1912-
Mary Nyce
Female 1914-2002
New chart
Willis Anders
Male 1913-
Verna Boyer
Female 1906-1996
Linneaus Anders
Male 1916-1992
Margaret Keller
Female 1920-2003
New chart
E. Anders
H. Hackman
New chart
L. Anders
Shirley Weisel
Female 1934-2007
New chart
Menno Anders
Male 1882-1976
Lizzie Moyer
Female 1888-1965
Susanna Clemens
Female 1840-1930
John Anders
Male 1843-1886
Abraham Kriebel
Male 1908-1987
Elizabeth Hunsberger
Female 1908-1979
New chart
Warren Kriebel
Male 1910-1993
Sallie Mae Landes
Female 1912-2007
New chart
Mary Kriebel
Female 1912-1999
Norman Benner
Male 1908-1970
New chart
S. Kriebel
E. Fels
New chart
Frank Kriebel
Male 1873-1929
Martha Ruth
Female 1885-1959
Catherine Clemens
Female 1842-1924
Joseph Kriebel
Male 1842-1875
Menno Hunsberger
Male 1881-1915
Laura Laubenstine
Abraham Hunsberger
Male 1852-1915
Katie Clemens
Female 1874-
J. Calvin Faust
Jesse Clemens
Male 1844-1875
Mary Detweiler
Female 1850-Aft 1889
Catharine Hunsberger
Female 1870-1872
Walter Keller
Male 1901-1901
Charles Henry Keller
Male 1903-
Theodore Keller
Male 1904-
George Keller
Male 1907-1907
Sarah Hunsberger
Female 1871-
Harvey A. Keller
Male 1866-1952
Maggie Hunsberger
Female 1873-
Harry Keller
Henry Hunsberger
Male 1876-
Elizabeth Clemens
Female 1850-1878
Abraham Hunsberger
Male 1852-1915
Edith Clemens
Female 1903-
Mary Clemens
Female 1907-
Florence Clemens
Female 1909-
Erwin Harold Clemens
Male 1913-1977
Alice R. Clemens
Female 1915-
Frank Haswell
Male 1910-1977
Marion Clemens
Female 1916-
Fletcher Davis
Male 1907-
R. Clemens
Florence Hartzell
Female 1917-
New chart
Erwin Whitman Clemens
Male 1880-1971
Fronica Lewis
Female 1881-
Annie W. Clemens
Female 1884-1885
Mabel W. Clemens
Female 1893-1899
Robert W. Clemens
Male 1897-1899
Alice W. Clemens
Female 1898-1899
John N. Clemens
Male Abt 1858-Aft 1899
Ida N. Delp
Female Cal 1862-1899
New chart
Abraham O. Clemens
Male 1815-1859
Mary Nice
Female 1817-1903

Many thanks to all who have contributed names, dates, photographs and stories. Corrections are always welcome.
Our research is ongoing and the validity of the information presented should be judged by the quality of our sources.

Our study includes our ancestors and their descendants (our cousins) and our cousins' spouses and their parents. The parents of our cousins' spouses will show as "A descendant is related to Susan or Barry" and their other children will not be included unless they are connected to our family.

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