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Schwenkfelder Library

The Schwenkfelder Library and Museum is located in Pennsburg, PA. The Schwenkfelder Museum Collection is a record of a people leaving their homes behind in central Europe and starting their lives anew in Southeastern Pennsylvania from the 1730's through the early 1900's. The collection includes a farmer's collection of Indian Artifacts found scattered in his fields; an 18th century loom that made throw rugs from homegrown flax; two printing presses that printed the news in German and English to the 19th century farming community; three wooden chests, weather beaten, yet still amazingly fresh, that accompanied the Schwenkfelders on their sea voyage to Penn's Woods in 1734; Civil War costumes; embroidery and needlepoint, the crafts learned by young girls; a child's ice casket, silently reflecting sorrow and loss; pottery, utensils, school books and clothing; and a stately pump organ ready to fill a turn of the century Schwenkfelder meetinghouse with song.. The library is a research haven for early German Reformation study; a locally extensive resource for genealogical research; a site for studying Pennsylvania German culture; and a source for discovering Schwenkfelder roots.

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