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Ancestry DNA Test


Autosomal DNA

Matches 1 to 50 of 678

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Autosomal DNA    Person ID 
1 C.   I114898
2 C.   I120254
3 Mary  Ancestry DNA Test I947
4 Ackmann, E.A.   I38849
5 Allan, Janet  Ancestry DNA Test I19
6 Allan, Sarah Ann  Ancestry DNA Test I3329
7 Ancevicius, K.   I120267
8 Anderson, .   I116086
9 Anderson, C.   I18834
10 Anderson, Dalton David  Ancestry DNA Test I18829
11 Anderson, D.   I116087
12 Anderson, Elinor Virginia  Ancestry DNA Test I18808
13 Anderson, J.   I18832
14 Anderson, S.L.   I120288
15 Asay, Esther Margaret  Ancestry DNA Test I116199
16 Asay, Harry  Ancestry DNA Test I116198
17 Avery, Daisy Aileen Violet  Ancestry DNA Test I392
18 Ayres, Cora Evelyn  Ancestry DNA Test I118613
19 Ayres, William S.  Ancestry DNA Test I118605
20 Babers, D.   I116356
21 Bachman, Catarrina  Ancestry DNA Test I6716
22 Baylis, .   I120444
23 Baylis, C.   I120445
24 Baylis, R.   I114808
25 Benton, K. M.  Ancestry DNA Test I115682
26 Benton, V.   I116089
27 Biffin, Cecil Edmund John  Ancestry DNA Test I1994
28 Biffin, J.   I120341
29 Binnington, Audrey  Ancestry DNA Test I119719
30 Blackman, Marjorie Alice  Ancestry DNA Test I115966
31 Bliss, R.A.   I3178
32 Bliss, Violet Bertha  Ancestry DNA Test I116250
33 Blowman, Alice Matilda  Ancestry DNA Test I96834
34 Blowman, Catherine  Ancestry DNA Test I96824
35 Blowman, Hannah  Ancestry DNA Test I42280
36 Blowman, Hannah  Ancestry DNA Test I42280
37 Blowman, John  Ancestry DNA Test I96814
38 Blowman, Joseph Fewster  Ancestry DNA Test I96827
39 Blowman, Thomas  Ancestry DNA Test I97936
40 Blueman, Annie Mary  Ancestry DNA Test I98414
41 Blueman, William  Ancestry DNA Test I98111
42 Blueman, William  Ancestry DNA Test I98003
43 Bowman, Effie May  Ancestry DNA Test I114806
44 Bowman, Elizabeth Maude  Ancestry DNA Test I120454
45 Bowman, Maggie  Ancestry DNA Test I120371
46 Bowman, Mathew  Ancestry DNA Test I114770
47 Bowman, Nancy  Ancestry DNA Test I109649
48 Bowman, Robert  Ancestry DNA Test I114798
49 Bowman, Thomas  Ancestry DNA Test I114796
50 Brand  Ancestry DNA Test I114754

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Autosomal DNA Common Ancestor

Matches 1 to 50 of 83

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Autosomal DNA Common Ancestor    Person ID 
1 Mary  Ancestry DNA Test I947
2 Priscilla S.  Ancestry DNA Test I943
3 Sarah  Ancestry DNA Test I114756
4 Allan, James  Ancestry DNA Test I30
5 Alsbee, Sarah  Ancestry DNA Test I19458
6 Bachman, Johann Georg  Ancestry DNA Test I11767
7 Batson, Mary  Ancestry DNA Test I13776
8 Belconger, Elizabeth  Ancestry DNA Test I13796
9 Benn, Barbara  Ancestry DNA Test I92
10 Blowman, Hannah  Ancestry DNA Test I42280
11 Blowman, John  Ancestry DNA Test I96814
12 Blowman, Martin  Ancestry DNA Test I97918
13 Brand, Daisy Emma  Ancestry DNA Test I37
14 Brand, John  Ancestry DNA Test I114755
15 Brand, John Thomas  Ancestry DNA Test I381
16 Buszard, Edith Helen  Ancestry DNA Test I361
17 Buszard, James  Ancestry DNA Test I550
18 Calder, Margaret  Ancestry DNA Test I15
19 Clemens, Mary  Ancestry DNA Test I767
20 Clemons, Lucinda  Ancestry DNA Test I749
21 Cole, Hannah  Ancestry DNA Test I1801
22 Cole, John  Ancestry DNA Test I1823
23 Cragg, Ann  Ancestry DNA Test I3157
24 Cragg, John  Ancestry DNA Test I96881
25 Dry, Francis  Ancestry DNA Test I42279
26 Dry, Richard  Ancestry DNA Test I42384
27 Eaton, Anson  Ancestry DNA Test I423
28 Eaton, Daniel  Ancestry DNA Test I1800
29 Eaton, John Edwin  Ancestry DNA Test I497
30 Eaton, Peter  Ancestry DNA Test I100701
31 Eaton, Wesley  Ancestry DNA Test I253
32 Etherington, Mary  Ancestry DNA Test I97919
33 Fewster, Ann  Ancestry DNA Test I96815
34 Freeborn, Edward George  Ancestry DNA Test I942
35 Freeman, Hannah Louise  Ancestry DNA Test I13786
36 Gooden, Sarah  Ancestry DNA Test I87874
37 Heydrick, Anna  Ancestry DNA Test I97602
38 Humphrey, Sarah  Ancestry DNA Test I1705
39 Joanes, Jane  Ancestry DNA Test I96882
40 Jury, Mary  Ancestry DNA Test I17
41 Jury, William  Ancestry DNA Test I23356
42 J├Ąckel, Christianna  Ancestry DNA Test I769
43 Key, George  Ancestry DNA Test I91
44 Key, Henry  Ancestry DNA Test I90
45 Krause, Melchior  Ancestry DNA Test I1356
46 Krauss, Maria  Ancestry DNA Test I728
47 Lake, Frances  Ancestry DNA Test I120937
48 Lake, John  Ancestry DNA Test I16
49 Lake, William Jury  Ancestry DNA Test I14
50 Master, Abraham C.  Ancestry DNA Test I741

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Many thanks to all who have contributed names, dates, photographs and stories. Corrections are always welcome.
Our research is ongoing and the validity of the information presented should be judged by the quality of our sources.

Our study includes our ancestors and their descendants (our cousins) and our cousins' spouses and their parents. The parents of our cousins' spouses will show as "A descendant is related to Susan or Barry" and their other children will not be included unless they are connected to our family.

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