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Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA



City/Town : Latitude: 42.3313888888889, Longitude: -83.0458333333333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allred, D.   I7407
2 Allred, K.L.   I7410
3 Allred, R.P.   I7409
4 Baleczac, Clarabelle Florence  21 Nov 1911Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I59824
5 Bates, D.   I83330
6 Bates, D.   I83329
7 Bissell, Clara Lillian  27 Apr 1903Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I55389
8 Dry, Helen Frances  7 Feb 1913Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I119679
9 Dulaney, D.P.   I7501
10 Dulaney, K.R.   I7502
11 Engstrom, J.F.   I41956
12 Engstrom, John E.  15 Nov 1915Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I41850
13 Ferguson, D.M.   I19778
14 Goetz, R.J.   I43474
15 Goupille, Clara Ann  1883Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I54117
16 Groce, B.S.   I7507
17 Hussey, L.A.   I21775
18 Jackson, Evelyn Jean  22 Jan 1919Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I115779
19 Jackson, Geraldine  3 Jan 1917Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I115777
20 Jarvis, P.   I7412
21 Koral, Stefana  7 Jan 1929Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I87615
22 Kuntz, D.R.   I39941
23 Lieblein, Florence Rosina  4 Dec 1910Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I119577
24 Liebler, Shirley  26 Dec 1934Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I30440
25 Marshall, Dr. William Herbert  18 Jun 1874Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I8842
26 McKinnon, A.F.   I33824
27 Minard, M.L.   I7299
28 Nave, A.   I7523
29 Nave, J.E.   I7519
30 Nave, T.   I7522
31 Ortman, D.   I32201
32 Osborne, Ernest Winfield  8 Jan 1891Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I14017
33 Otterbein, C.F.   I55388
34 Palowski, L.M.   I32813
35 Porritt, John  25 Feb 1835Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I24464
36 Powers, Catherine Lynch  Abt 1847Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I119678
37 Roy, Rosalie  23 Jun 1854Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I53714
38 Sappington, John M.  1 Mar 1929Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I7488
39 Sappington, J.W.   I7495
40 Sappington, W.J.   I7489
41 Schmeichel, A.L.   I46595
42 Schwerin, S.   I7521
43 Shantz, Catherine Clara Lydia  22 Aug 1918Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I35422
44 Shantz, E.   I35442
45 Siddle, R.M.   I7516
46 Sitko, P.M.M.   I32810
47 Sitko, S.I.   I32812
48 Smith, L.A.   I39917
49 Smith, Ronald Jon  8 Jan 1939Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I39888
50 Snider, Magdalena  24 Apr 1907Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I26452

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Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bourgeois, Albina  1929Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I23771
2 Clemens, Edna May  29 Jun 1962Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I15930
3 Clemens, Iva  1966Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I15931
4 Cowell, Milton  Apr 1964Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I26988
5 Cummings, William A.  6 Jul 2004Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I59720
6 Custer, Emma Margaret  1910Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I92652
7 Eby, Elijah  6 Sep 1936Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I14033
8 Fleming, Phylemon J.  16 Feb 1916Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I116494
9 Graham, Gertrude  20 Jan 1970Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I7332
10 Graham, Ruth Ellen  15 Oct 1965Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I7334
11 Heidebrink, Grace Victoria  1 Sep 1973Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I87576
12 Hurdle, George Edway  3 May 1965Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I110746
13 Jackson, Geraldine  8 Dec 1964Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I115777
14 Jackson, Nelson Ray  30 Dec 1971Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I115708
15 Jackson, Roy Charles  8 May 1964Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I115773
16 Jones, Dorothy West  28 Feb 1936Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I14027
17 Jones, John G.  5 Aug 1931Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I115680
18 Kaiser, Mary  Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I85029
19 Kaufman, Gerald Edgar  1971Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I100562
20 Key, James Alton  30 Mar 1904Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I99
21 Liebler, Mary Ann  11 Mar 1939Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I78886
22 Lord, Russel  25 Oct 1978Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I7470
23 McPhee, John M.  12 Jun 1924Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I116501
24 Monkhouse, Sarah Marjery  1967Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I1775
25 Nave, George S.  3 Mar 1971Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I7518
26 Park, Harry Samuel  8 Oct 1945Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I13927
27 Pound, James Henry  Jan 1870Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I117784
28 Pound, Sarah Kingsford  10 Dec 1888Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I116488
29 Ross, Horace C.  1912Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I119677
30 Shupe, Albert Edwin  Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I4355
31 St. John, Eliza P.  16 Jul 1920Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I116500
32 Stevenson  13 Mar 1947Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I119685
33 Wattenburger, Minnie Audrey  23 Aug 1972Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I14312
34 Wilson, Charles Aldon  8 Dec 1963Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I115634


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Fleming, Phylemon J.  Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I116494
2 McPhee, John M.  Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I116501
3 Monkhouse, Sarah Marjery  Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I1775
4 Nave, George S.  Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I7518
5 St. John, Eliza P.  Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I116500
6 St. John, Emily  5 May 1926Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I116493

Alt. Birth

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Ferguson, William Henry  1891Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I19774


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Bricker, Florence M.  1920Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I87977
2 Bricker, Jesse C.  1930Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I17777
3 Bricker, Kenneth L.  1920Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I87976
4 Bricker, Leslie R.  1930Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I87973
5 Bricker, Roy C.  1920Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I17778
6 Clemens, Herbert  1920Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I14666
7 Clemens, Herbert  1930Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I14666
8 Flegar, Clara  1920Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I17856
9 Flegar, Clara  1930Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I17856
10 Lefever, Lottie M.  1920Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I23893
11 McCormick, Frannie  1920Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I14643
12 Shantz, Menno S.  1920Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I22484
13 Shantz, Menno S.  1930Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I22484
14 Stauffer, Lester L.  1920Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I23871


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Eaton, Herbert Gage  7 Aug 1916Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I5873
2 Herbert, Olivia Pauline Bernice  18 Sep 1943Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I114920
3 Hunking, Annie  6 Jul 1917Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I17837
4 McMullin, Ralph Stanley  15 Feb 1947Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I114921
5 Trusser, Albert  15 Mar 1916Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I15884


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Naturalization    Person ID 
1 Clemens, John Brower  9 Nov 1959Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I54329
2 Snedden, David  6 Nov 1952Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I54278
3 Trusser, Albert  1922Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I15884


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bates, Alvin Henry  16 Jun 1923Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I83311
2 Bergey, Aaron E.  9 Feb 1946Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I24750
3 Bowman, Olive Margaret  1930Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I87335
4 Bricker, Florence M.  1917Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I87977
5 Bricker, Kenneth L.  1917Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I87976
6 Bricker, Roy C.  1917Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I17778
7 Clemens, Clara  Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I17728
8 Clemens, Edna May  1960Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I15930
9 Clemens, Levi  Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I8644
10 Clemens, Lydia  Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I17732
11 Collins, Chester  4 Oct 1947Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I12747
12 Crawford, Albert. V.  1917-1918Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I9139
13 Durnion, John Frederick  8 Feb 1945Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I1424
14 Eaton, Alice Louhamma  Dec 1939Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I259
15 Eaton, George Ward  1940Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I3697
16 Fisher, Francis  Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I17319
17 Goodall, George Clarence  1932Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I88194
18 Gray, Anna Elizabeth  16 Jun 1923Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I83328
19 Groh, Oscar Anson  9 May 1944Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I16633
20 Hagey, Elton  28 Oct 1956Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I36024
21 Hayters, Milton Cecil  Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I17854
22 MacKinnon, T.C.   I630
23 McCormick, Frannie  1917Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I14643
24 McKersie, D. H.  Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I9366
25 McKie, Annie Janette  20 Feb 1945Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I1415
26 Meikle, M.H.   I87337
27 Meikle, Peden Alexander  1930Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I87336
28 Minard, M.G.   I7297
29 St. Clair, Louisa  1932Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I88193
30 Trusser, Albert  1917-1981Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I15884
31 Warren, Alfred  Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA I17182


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allred / Graham  4 Sep 1926Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA F2165
2 Allred / Jarvis   F2189
3 Allred / Vallery   F2188
4 Bricker / Eggert  9 Jun 1915Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA F2983
5 Carrington / Carson  14 Mar 1924Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA F11800
6 Dry / Ross  4 Oct 1911Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA F45155
7 Eby / Scully  16 Oct 1891Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA F3931
8 Harris / Jones  23 May 1942Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA F8958
9 Howard / Burley   F8776
10 Nave / Schwerin   F2244
11 Otterbein / Bissell  22 Jul 1933Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA F31292
12 Sappington / Graham  25 Aug 1928Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA F2170
13 Schlichter / Dempsey  12 Jun 1929Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA F32483
14 Smith / Baker   F18716
15 Snider / Henderson  Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA F6183

Many thanks to all who have contributed names, dates, photographs and stories. Corrections are always welcome.
Our research is ongoing and the validity of the information presented should be judged by the quality of our sources.

Our study includes our ancestors and their descendants (our cousins) and our cousins' spouses and their parents. The parents of our cousins' spouses will show as "A descendant is related to Susan or Barry" and their other children will not be included unless they are connected to our family.

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