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Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA



City/Town : Latitude: 41.7033177, Longitude: -93.0573533


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Altemeier, Fred C.  10 Jul 1883Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117016
2 Bergman, Henry Dale  22 Nov 1886Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I116985
3 Beukema, June E.  5 Jun 1920Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117005
4 Beukema, Mary Wilma  25 Nov 1925Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117148
5 Beukema, Ruth M.  11 Dec 1916Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117001
6 Butcher, Doris D.  10 Aug 1938Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117003
7 Eaton, Bertha Blanche  8 Jul 1890Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117057
8 Eaton, Delbert Carl  5 Apr 1887Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117052
9 Eaton, Donald Glen  13 Aug 1899Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117029
10 Eaton, Effie Blanche  14 Feb 1894Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117026
11 Eaton, Ina Mae  1 Sep 1882Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I116784
12 Hammer, Ida Mae  7 Feb 1864Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117010
13 Hart, Frederick Cyrus  29 Jan 1896Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I116986
14 Hart, George Curtis  4 Jan 1858Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I116978
15 Newell, Elaine Maebelle  15 May 1937Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117073
16 Newell, Iva Blanche  29 Nov 1903Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I116787
17 Newell, Ralph Eaton  25 Feb 1908Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117069
18 Newell, Thelma Irene  18 Dec 1904Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117063
19 Newell, William George  31 Jan 1907Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117068
20 Van Dyke, Wilma Lucille  13 Jan 1920Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117109


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beukema, June E.  9 Apr 1996Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117005
2 Beukema, Mary Wilma  20 Sep 2013Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117148
3 Beukema, Sipp Richard  1 Sep 1970Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117000
4 Brown, Amanda  28 Apr 1938Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117062
5 Duff, Agnes M.  12 Feb 1904Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I116980
6 Eaton, Beulah Ann  9 May 1982Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117027
7 Eaton, Effie Blanche  29 Mar 1894Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117026
8 Eaton, Elma Floy  11 Dec 1984Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I116999
9 Eaton, Fred Ezekiel  23 Aug 1917Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117040
10 Eaton, Frederick Augustus  27 Sep 1922Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I116782
11 Eaton, Horace Leroy  24 Mar 1906Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117036
12 Eaton, Laura Ann  17 Jan 1893Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I116927
13 Herron, Emma Belle  23 Dec 1982Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117070
14 Newell, Elaine Maebelle  25 Dec 2004Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117073
15 Newell, William George  5 Apr 1907Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117068
16 Rutherford, Delbert  16 Jul 1992Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117173
17 Sanderson, Anna Luella  25 Feb 1929Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117049
18 Sanderson, Cochran D.  23 Jan 1911Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117050
19 Sleeuwenhoek, Barend  12 Oct 1963Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117167
20 Van Dam, Wilhelmina Fredreka  21 Nov 1983Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117111
21 Van Dyke, Rev. Hendrikus  8 Mar 1952Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117110


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Leatha M.  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117030
2 Altemeier, Fred C.  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117016
3 Armstrong, George  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117046
4 Armstrong, William D.  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117047
5 Bark, Arthur William  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117028
6 Bell, Arlene G.  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117174
7 Beukema, Mary Wilma  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117148
8 Beukema, Sipp Richard  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117000
9 Brown, Amanda  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117062
10 Butcher, Charles  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117192
11 Butcher, James Henry  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117191
12 Clausen, Mable Evelyn  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117168
13 Duff, Agnes M.  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I116980
14 Eaton, Addie Mae  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117042
15 Eaton, Alma Orpha  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I116977
16 Eaton, Anna Belle  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117045
17 Eaton, Bertha Blanche  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117057
18 Eaton, Beulah Ann  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117027
19 Eaton, Carrie Esther  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117015
20 Eaton, Donald Glen  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117029
21 Eaton, Elma Floy  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I116999
22 Eaton, Fred Ezekiel  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117040
23 Eaton, Frederick Augustus  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I116782
24 Eaton, Horace Leroy  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117036
25 Eaton, Ina Mae  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I116784
26 Eaton, Laura Ann  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I116927
27 Eaton, Mabel Claire  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117006
28 Eaton, Sherman Augustus  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117041
29 Eaton, Thomas Arthur  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I116997
30 Eaton, William Oscar  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I116783
31 Fair, Sarah  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117048
32 Hart, Cyrus W.  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I116979
33 Hart, George Curtis  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I116978
34 Herron, Emma Belle  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117070
35 Hodges, Caroline M.  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I116975
36 Newell, Clayton Elmer  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I116786
37 Newell, Dale Leroy  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117083
38 Newell, Elmer Clayton  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117076
39 Newell, George Washington  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117061
40 Newell, Ralph Eaton  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117069
41 Newell, William George  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117068
42 Reynolds, Alton  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117043
43 Rutherford, Delbert  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117173
44 Sanderson, Anna Luella  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117049
45 Sanderson, Cochran D.  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117050
46 Sleeuwenhoek, Alfred G.  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117149
47 Sleeuwenhoek, Barend  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I117167
48 Spelman, Ella Ellen  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I116951
49 Spelman, Gertrude  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I116952
50 Spelman, Rowley  Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA I116928

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Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Altemeier / Eaton  20 Feb 1908Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA F43997
2 Beukema / Eaton  5 Apr 1916Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA F43991
3 Eaton / Burch  22 Jul 1921Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA F43999
4 Eaton / Stock  6 Oct 1909Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA F44010
5 Kellogg / Perrin  26 Nov 1891Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA F43941
6 Van Baren / Eaton  16 Sep 1914Newton, Jasper, Iowa, USA F43994

Many thanks to all who have contributed names, dates, photographs and stories. Corrections are always welcome.
Our research is ongoing and the validity of the information presented should be judged by the quality of our sources.

Our study includes our ancestors and their descendants (our cousins) and our cousins' spouses and their parents. The parents of our cousins' spouses will show as "A descendant is related to Susan or Barry" and their other children will not be included unless they are connected to our family.

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