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"Our Ancestors and Their Descendants"
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Susan and Barry Reynolds.
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Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada


City/Town : Latitude: 43.1333333333333, Longitude: -80.75


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brubacher, A.R.   I40244
2 Brubacher, C.E.   I40248
3 Brubacher, I.H.   I40249
4 Brubacher, J.O.   I40253
5 Burgess, S.D.   I43891
6 Byers, D.C.   I2044
7 Byers, J.   I2171
8 Calder, A.W.   I2143
9 Calder, A.C.   I2146
10 Calder, G.A.   I2115
11 Calder, M.A.   I2142
12 Calder, P.G.   I2140
13 Calder, W.B.   I2116
14 Clemons, John Fletcher  14 Dec 1842Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I88769
15 Coghill, J.L.   I2033
16 Cressman, A.L.   I49637
17 Cressman, J.C.   I80349
18 Dwinnel, E.   I43908
19 Dwinnel, M.   I44046
20 Dwinnel, M.   I43907
21 Dwinnel, T.   I43909
22 Eaton, A.C.   I49288
23 Eaton, B.   I49071
24 Eaton, Charles Seymour  17 Jun 1908Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I49225
25 Eaton, Lloyd Clark  2 Sep 1912Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I48924
26 Eaton, R.T.   I49296
27 Erb, Eliza Ann  3 Mar 1848Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I869
28 Fergusson, D.R.   I2162
29 Gillespie, J.   I43991
30 Gilmar, Luke  16 Nov 1994Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I113839
31 Gilmore, Alan Dennis  28 Feb 1952Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I89396
32 Griffin, Shirley  12 Jun 1927Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I31007
33 Hart, Sarah Jane Sadie  4 Dec 1882Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I120188
34 Highley, Donald Bruce  27 May 1941Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I2165
35 Highley, K.D.   I2166
36 Highley, L.J.   I2169
37 Highley, M.L.   I2167
38 Hilderley, H.R.   I43898
39 Hilderley, L.K.   I44019
40 Hilderley, R.N.   I43899
41 Hilderley, R.L.   I43893
42 Hilderley, T.R.   I43902
43 Howell, Alice Mary  12 Aug 1890Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I122010
44 Howell, Thomas Leslie  29 Dec 1888Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I122003
45 Lattimer, Josephine A.  1 Apr 1918Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I113832
46 Nicholls, Helen Jean  25 Nov 1917Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I49292
47 Otterbein, K.S.   I55380
48 Proulx, J.J.   I49638
49 Riesberry, H.P.   I2031
50 Riesberry, Mary Anne  23 Apr 1945Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I2019

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bodfish, Evelyn Gladys  4 Apr 2000Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I36176
2 Bowman, Percy George  4 Aug 2000Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I13065
3 Clemens, Rev. Earl Osborne  14 Apr 2020Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I90615
4 Cressman, Esther Idella  5 Nov 1986Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I9877
5 Duivenbode, Henry  3 Mar 2016Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I82911
6 Eaton, Charles  25 Aug 1894Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I1794
7 Eaton, Lloyd Clark  12 Oct 1976Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I48924
8 Eaton, Russell Gordon  10 Nov 1970Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I49224
9 Fraser, Marion Jean  Sep 1997Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I49169
10 Fritz, Mary Ann  30 Sep 1917Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I2935
11 Gilmar, Edwin  13 Oct 1957Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I89783
12 Gilmar, Luke  16 Nov 1994Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I113839
13 Graham, Murl Elmer  9 Jul 2005Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I116119
14 Groh, Russel Albert Jackson  26 Oct 2005Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I21885
15 Hagey, Martha  10 Jul 1941Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I36103
16 Hallman, Russell Baird  9 Oct 2013Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I59427
17 Heath, Janice Margaret  10 Feb 2016Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I53556
18 Hill, Erma Leona  20 Apr 2015Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I116118
19 Hofstetter, Jean Isabel  26 Oct 2013Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I88066
20 Hofstetter, John Adolph  8 Jan 2013Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I61480
21 Horst, Lester  20 Apr 2018Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I68618
22 Kell, Margaret Ethel  23 Jun 2010Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I101794
23 Lattimer, Josephine A.  3 Nov 2006Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I113832
24 Lazenby, Emily Clara Belle  11 Apr 2018Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I121593
25 Lucas, Mary Ann  6 Sep 1901Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I89787
26 MacIver, Joanne  3 Aug 2018Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I107042
27 Martin, Lloyd M.  12 Jun 2015Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I67776
28 Matheson, Thomas Leslie  6 Aug 1959Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I34406
29 Nicholls, Helen Jean  17 Aug 2001Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I49292
30 Palmer, Ruth Jame  22 Jul 2015Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I121583
31 Shantz, Arden  15 Jan 2014Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I104104
32 Skillings, Ethel May  24 Apr 1973Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I34404
33 Skillings, George Henry  7 Feb 2010Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I36119
34 Skillings, Glenford Douglas  19 Apr 1980Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I36124
35 Skillings, Norman Leslie  19 Feb 2015Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I43835
36 Steinman, Neil Christian  11 Jul 2009Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I9878
37 Thorne, Percy Frederick  10 Jul 2001Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I49170
38 Thorne, Taylor  Sep 2006Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I49172
39 Thornton, Muriel Leota  24 Nov 2010Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I122197
40 Wilson, Mary Delight  9 Mar 1981Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I2178
41 Woolner, Jemima  17 Sep 1968Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I89782


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Crosby, George  Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I16254
2 Deeton, Mildred  Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I16201
3 Deeton, Walter  Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I66789
4 Eaton, Charles  Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I1794
5 Eaton, Gary Clarke  Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I49206
6 Eaton, Lloyd Clark  Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I48924
7 Eaton, Robert Jack  Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I49222
8 Eaton, Russell Gordon  Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I49224
9 Fraser, Marion Jean  Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I49169
10 Fritz, Mary Ann  Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I2935
11 Highley, Donald Bruce  22 Nov 1979Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I2165
12 Kraft, Marguerite  Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I66790
13 Nicholls, Helen Jean  Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I49292
14 Skillings, Daniel George  Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I36170
15 Thorne, Percy Frederick  14 Jul 2001Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I49170
16 Wilkins, Elizabeth  Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I7350
17 Wilkins, Martha  Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I7349


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 A.   I12027
2 Betty  11 Apr 2010Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I36095
3 M.J.   I27818
4 Bechtel, K.   I76183
5 Cressman, R.   I78381
6 Hofstetter, Jean Isabel  7 Aug 2011Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I88066
7 Hofstetter, John Adolph  7 Aug 2011Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I61480
8 Hofstetter, John Adolph  8 Jan 2013Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I61480
9 Jacobs, E.   I43977
10 Karn, B.   I25558
11 Mader, C.L.   I75696
12 Martin, E.S.   I69197
13 Riesberry, H.P.   I2031
14 Rose, James  1989-2010Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I63145
15 Skillings, J.E.   I43875
16 Skillings, Norman Leslie  19 Feb 2015Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I43835
17 Snider, Benjamin  6 Sep 1944Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I18072
18 Steinman, Neil Christian  25 Oct 2006Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada I9878
19 Thomas, B.   I82968


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bingeman / Gofton  30 Jun 1897Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada F9139
2 Byers / Highley   F767
3 Calder / Reed   F780
4 De Mars / Bell   F16475
5 Eaton / Stockford  21 Dec 1880Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada F11503
6 Eaton / Zylstra   F20035
7 Hanzel / Highley   F749
8 Hilderley / Legault   F16497
9 Hilderley / McMillan   F16500
10 Hilderley / Skillings  6 Sep 1911Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada F13720
11 Hilderley / Tucker   F14542
12 Johnson / Wegenast  16 Apr 1890Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada F10293
13 Karn / Eaton  21 Sep 1888Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada F20072
14 Matheson / Skillings  19 Apr 1911Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada F13719
15 Pruss / Wilkins  25 Jan 1911Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada F2178
16 Rife / Bushe  3 Jun 1896Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada F8943
17 Ripski / Burgess   F16492
18 Roy / Skillings   F16512
19 Shantz / Erb  1917Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada F9719
20 Sibbick / Eaton  5 Mar 1914Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada F2772
21 Skillings / Derudder   F14550
22 Skillings / Hackert   F16469
23 Skillings / Hagey  17 Jan 1883Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada F13714
24 Skillings / Lucas   F14536
25 Skillings / Rhea   F16476
26 Skillings / Sager   F16465
27 Skillings / Starling  21 May 1913Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada F13718
28 Thorne / Eaton   F20075
29 VanAlphen / Skillings   F16478
30 Wall / Kelly   F36778

Alt. Marriage

Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Alt. Marriage    Family ID 
1 Skillings / Crandle  1 Mar 1922Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada F14507
2 Skillings / Hagey  17 Jan 1884Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada F13714

Marriage License

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Marriage License    Family ID 
1 Sibbick / Eaton  5 Mar 1914Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario, Canada F2772


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Residence    Family ID 
1 Panabaker /    F39930

Many thanks to all who have contributed names, dates, photographs and stories. Corrections are always welcome.
Our research is ongoing and the validity of the information presented should be judged by the quality of our sources.

Our study includes our ancestors and their descendants (our cousins) and our cousins' spouses and their parents. The parents of our cousins' spouses will show as "A descendant is related to Susan or Barry" and their other children will not be included unless they are connected to our family.

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