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Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada


City/Town : Latitude: 43.4212, Longitude: -81.62542


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baechler, Rev. Solomon  5 Apr 1884Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I47001
2 Baer, Simon  22 Dec 1878Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I71652
3 Bauman, John  18 Jun 1889Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I18231
4 Burkholder, Lemuel  6 Sep 1848Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I51610
5 Erb, Gordon  27 Apr 1916Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I42893
6 Geiger, Barbara  23 Sep 1847Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I27300
7 Gingerich, Christian B.  23 Feb 1874Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I40187
8 Gingerich, D.M.   I68011
9 Kercher, Leah  29 Jan 1867Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I37682
10 Leibold, R.T.   I55772
11 Meyer, Emmanuel  14 Jun 1896Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I103297
12 Meyer, Iona May  7 Mar 1912Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I73473
13 Meyer, John B.  20 Mar 1864Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I66518
14 Schwartzentruber, Edith  31 Aug 1923Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I26367
15 Schwartzentruber, H.R.   I46778
16 Schwartzentruber, Jacob R.  2 Apr 1946Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I38994
17 Steckle, D.E.   I46978
18 Steckle, Josiah  10 Mar 1903Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I44958
19 Steckley, Joseph J.  1 Jul 1866Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I61586
20 Wideman, Allen  20 Aug 1893Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I40223


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baechler, Gladys Almeda  2 Nov 2013Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I64504
2 Baechler, Rev. Solomon  10 Feb 1963Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I47001
3 Gingerich, Anna  27 Nov 2004Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I44953
4 Gingerich, Elda  8 Jan 2013Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I48071
5 Gingerich, Ephraim B.  18 Jun 2010Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I68670
6 Gingerich, Lennis  10 Jul 2016Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I34087
7 Gingerich, Neil  27 Apr 2012Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I64505
8 Ropp, Vera Magdalena  8 Oct 2019Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I25507
9 Sherk, Laura  3 Jun 1954Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I14416
10 Steckle, Mary  29 Oct 1995Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I47184
11 Steckle, Oliver  18 Aug 2009Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I47003


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Baechler, Alvina  Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I46905
2 Baechler, Anna  9 Dec 1971Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I40188
3 Baechler, Gladys Almeda  7 Nov 2013Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I64504
4 Bender, Katherine  Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I57192
5 Bender, Mary Alice  Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I89005
6 Dettweiler, Lovina  Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I33976
7 Erb, Edmund  Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I46852
8 Erb, Emerson  Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I44954
9 Erb, Gordon  1 Nov 1991Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I42893
10 Gascho, Emma  Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I105389
11 Gascho, Fanny  26 Oct 1972Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I105327
12 Gingerich, Alvin  Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I34136
13 Gingerich, Anna  30 Nov 2004Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I44953
14 Gingerich, Christian B.  12 Aug 1965Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I40187
15 Gingerich, Curtis  Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I89004
16 Gingerich, Earl  Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I48181
17 Gingerich, Edgar  Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I62566
18 Gingerich, Lennis  14 Jul 2016Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I34087
19 Gingerich, Lorne K.  Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I65959
20 Gingerich, Mary  Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I47303
21 Gingerich, Neil  1 May 2012Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I64505
22 Gingerich, Noah  Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I48061
23 Gingerich, Robert Lee  Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I62565
24 Gingerich, Solomon  19 Sep 1963Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I40183
25 Jantzi, Mabel Magdalene  Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I42892
26 Kennel, Emma  Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I40184
27 Kennel, Magdalena  6 Oct 1992Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I46851
28 Kipfer, Jacob  13 Jun 1954Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I105388
29 Martin, Bernice  Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I65960
30 Martin, Irvin  25 Apr 2008Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I46854
31 Martin, Joseph M.  20 Jan 1989Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I48243
32 Martin, Luella  Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I46865
33 Oesch, David  25 Mar 1970Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I105326
34 Ropp, Vera Magdalena  12 Oct 2019Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I25507
35 Shantz, Elam Wilbur W.  26 Nov 1995Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I25505
36 Shantz, Elizabeth  Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I48165
37 Shantz, Seleda  Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I48153
38 Shantz, Velina  Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I46957
39 Sitler, Mary Ann  Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I47158
40 Steckle, Allan S.  Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I47304
41 Steckle, Daniel B.  Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I33975
42 Steckle, Daniel Shantz  8 Jun 1968Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I48162
43 Steckle, Dennis Jason  Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I44906
44 Steckle, Henry D.  Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I48350
45 Steckle, John Dettweiler  Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I46958
46 Steckle, Magdalena  Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I48062
47 Steckle, Melinda  Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I48182
48 Steckle, Menno D.  Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I48166
49 Steckle, Oliver  21 Aug 2009Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I47003
50 Steckle, William Lewis  Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I48159

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Alt. Birth

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Meyer, Emmanuel  16 Jun 1895Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I103297


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Cremated    Person ID 
1 Gingerich, Ephraim B.  Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I68670


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bast, S.B.   I47759
2 Bender, Mary Alice  Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I89005
3 Dietrich, R.L.L.   I40852
4 Gingerich, C.   I64506
5 Gingerich, C.   I64506
6 Gingerich, D.R.   I47758
7 Gingerich, E.J.   I68666
8 Heckendorn, Clayton B.  9 Feb 1946Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I73903
9 Shantz, Elam Wilbur W.  23 Nov 1995Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I25505
10 Shantz, Elizabeth  5 Jan 1940Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I48165
11 Shantz, G.W.   I64515
12 Shantz, G.W.   I64515
13 Shantz, Velina  5 Jan 1940Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I46957
14 Steckle, D.E.   I46999
15 Steckle, Henry D.  31 Dec 1940Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada I48350
16 Westerveld, J.   I88245


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bender / Steckle   F17675
2 Hamilton / Martin   F18004
3 Keys / Manson   F17482
4 Manson / Oesch   F18026
5 Martin / Steckle   F17673
6 McBride / Martin   F18003
7 Steckle / Gingerich  7 Jun 1958Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada F17644
8 Weber / Steckle   F17657


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Residence    Family ID 
1 Martin / Jantzi   F17521
2 Sararas / Bender  Zurich/Bluewater, Huron, Ontario, Canada F40880

Many thanks to all who have contributed names, dates, photographs and stories. Corrections are always welcome.
Our research is ongoing and the validity of the information presented should be judged by the quality of our sources.

Our study includes our ancestors and their descendants (our cousins) and our cousins' spouses and their parents. The parents of our cousins' spouses will show as "A descendant is related to Susan or Barry" and their other children will not be included unless they are connected to our family.

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