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Lake and Reynolds Genealogy
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"Our Ancestors and Their Descendants"
presented by:
Susan and Barry Reynolds.
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J.W. Reynolds

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Thomas Percivale
Male 1712-1753
Hannah Ryder
Female 1714-1780
Mary Leigh
Female 1720-
John Cragg
Male 1745-1814
Jane Joanes
Female 1734-1802
Robert Neal
Male 1747-
Ann Jupp
Female 1749-1815
Henry Varley
Male 1762-1831
Frances Lake
Female 1765-
John Black
Male 1783-
Robert Dry
Male 1756-1812
Jane Terry
Female 1754-1832
Mary Pennock
Female 1742-1796
Martin Blowman
Male 1751-1822
Mary Etherington
Female 1747-1827
William Fewster
Male 1746-1826
William Ellis
Male 1753-1835
Thomas Lake
Male 1750-1805
Agnes Arnold
Female 1749-1791
Thomas Isaac
Male 1751-1838
Joan Mare
Female 1750-1840
William Jury
Male 1759-1837
Mary Squance
Female 1759-1823
James Kedder
Male 1753-1814
Ann Neilson
Female 1757-1832
Robert Martin
Male 1750-1855
Margaret Brownlie
Female 1770-1855
Robert Allan
Male 1761-
Robert Reid
Male 1757-1800
Robert Key
Male 1726-1769
Mary Fisher
Female 1733-
Thomas Waugh
Male 1770-1845
Bernard Emery
Male 1761-1848
Mary Elliot
Female 1770-1815
George Mitson
Male 1752-1841
Peter Pease
Male 1762-1842
Mary Wakeford
Female 1762-1848
John Eaton
Male 1739-1796
Martha McUre
Female 1734-1831
Sarah Humphrey
Female 1749-1833
Joseph Sutton
Male 1762-1836
Mary Batson
Female 1761-1842
Abraham C. Clemens
Male 1764-1819
Mary G. Custer
Female 1763-1819
Jabez Clemons
Male 1766-1843
Male 1770-
John Brand
Male 1792-1847
Sarah Tween
Female 1792-
John Percival
Male 1745-1826
Joseph Cragg
Male 1777-1861
Nancy Neal
Female 1780-1859
Henry Varley
Male 1808-1857
Mary Leak
Female 1809-1876
Henry Hudson
Male 1810-
Ann Black
Female 1813-
Richard Dry
Male 1781-1847
Mary Simpson
Female 1777-1862
John Blowman
Male 1781-1847
Ann Fewster
Female 1775-1866
Richard Buszard
Male 1795-1876
Female 1797-1881
William Ellis
Male 1803-1874
Mary Hollingsworth
Female 1806-1888
William Lake
Male 1778-1847
Thomazian Isaac
Female 1777-1849
William John Jury
Male 1791-1878
Nancy Elsen
Female -1856
John Calder
Male 1779-1845
Margaret Martin
Female 1788-1875
James Allan
Male 1792-1880
Isobel Reid
Female 1796-1871
John Key
Male 1754-1840
Margaret Lister
Female 1757-1828
Thomas Waugh
Male 1801-1839
Julia Emery
Female 1799-1867
James W. Snelling
Male 1790-1859
Sarah Gooden
Female 1791-1882
John Edwin Eaton
Male 1773-1837
Samuel P. Sutton
Male 1782-1879
Isaac Meschter
Male 1787-1853
Mary Clemens
Female 1793-1870
David Clemons
Male 1792-1852
Henry Reynolds
Male 1800-1896
Female 1805-1894
John Redfern
Male 1825-1896
Catherine English
Female 1825-1906
William Percival
Male 1793-1864
Francis Dry
Male 1817-1882
Hannah Blowman
Female 1819-1911
Samuel Buszard
Male 1829-1869
Ann Ellis
Female 1833-1897
James Pratt
Male 1829-
Sarah Webb
Female 1830-
John Lake
Male 1821-1866
Mary Jury
Female 1832-1913
Archibald Calder
Male 1830-1916
Janet Allan
Female 1829-1905
George Key
Male 1791-1849
Barbara Benn
Female 1798-1874
Priscilla S.
Female 1826-1897
Samuel Mitson
Male 1819-1889
Lucy Snelling
Female 1826-1905
Anson Eaton
Male 1803-1888
Loruhamah Sutton
Female 1810-1903
Abraham C. Master
Male 1818-1853
Lucinda Clemons
Female 1821-1889
Robert Reynolds
Male 1844-1911
Sarah Jane Redfern
Female 1849-1921
John Thomas Brand
Male 1848-1893
James Buszard
Male 1854-1935
Harriet Pratt
Female 1856-1936
William Jury Lake
Male 1851-1928
Margaret Calder
Female 1855-1914
Henry Key
Male 1840-1925
Julia Ann Reynolds
Female 1845-1921
Wesley Eaton
Male 1838-1907
Mary Ann Master
Female 1848-1890
Daisy Emma Brand
Female 1879-1969
William Henry Lake
Male 1879-1950
Margaret Eliza Key
Female 1877-1952
Elmina Eaton
Female 1879-1950

Many thanks to all who have contributed names, dates, photographs and stories. Corrections are always welcome.
Our research is ongoing and the validity of the information presented should be judged by the quality of our sources.

Our study includes our ancestors and their descendants (our cousins) and our cousins' spouses and their parents. The parents of our cousins' spouses will show as "A descendant is related to Susan or Barry" and their other children will not be included unless they are connected to our family.

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October 17, 2021

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