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Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada


City/Town : Latitude: 43.6166666666667, Longitude: -80.5833333333333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bauman, Emanuel M.  26 Sep 1889Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I25258
2 Bauman, Deacon Henry W.  2 Nov 1899Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I82417
3 Bauman, Isaiah G.  11 Aug 1890Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I114198
4 Bauman, Oliver G.  26 Sep 1893Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I114255
5 Bearinger, Alice S.  1 May 1925Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I71815
6 Bowman, Mary Ann  10 Aug 1919Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I44099
7 Burkhardt, Edith  9 Mar 1905Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I51938
8 Burkhardt, Gordon Eby  3 Jul 1911Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I26224
9 Burkhardt, Lloyd Arnold  4 Apr 1900Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I26459
10 Burkhart, Ezra  6 Oct 1879Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I51941
11 Burkhart, Gladys Erma  8 Aug 1904Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I46355
12 Burkhart, Irvin Enoch  8 Aug 1896Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I73645
13 Burkhart, Jacob  23 Apr 1877Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I51942
14 Burkhart, Peter  7 Dec 1866Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I46442
15 Class, Johannes  9 Nov 1856Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I8728
16 Eby, Hannah  13 Apr 1867Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I10268
17 Gingrich, Vietta Lorraine  24 Sep 1932Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I64842
18 Good, Laura  29 Oct 1903Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I75979
19 Hembling, Anna  6 Feb 1860Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I81052
20 Israel, Caroline  26 Oct 1857Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I8727
21 Lichty, Katie  3 Nov 1907Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I93852
22 Lichty, Noah M.  7 Mar 1873Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I92019
23 Martin, Bishop Elam C.  23 Feb 1876Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I40144
24 Martin, Viola  8 Dec 1925Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I72098
25 Musselman, Rebecca  11 Feb 1865Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I10493
26 Reist, Howard S.  22 Jun 1917Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I75212
27 Snider, Ida May  21 Mar 1889Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I73705
28 Snider, Irva Alvina  21 Jul 1907Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I38748
29 Snider, Irvin Austin  13 May 1883Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I27337
30 Snider, Nelda  3 Jul 1912Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I27342
31 Weber, Angus S.  14 Dec 1888Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I75647


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Bauman, Deacon Henry W.  14 Apr 1950Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I82417
2 Bauman, Ida  27 May 1952Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I46314
3 Bauman, Lucinda M.  13 Dec 2011Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I78321
4 Bauman, Milton  20 Feb 2017Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I44755
5 Bowman, Malinda W.  7 Dec 2020Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I79321
6 Martin, Elsie B.  16 Mar 2023Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I73113
7 Martin, Lloyd Nelson  22 Mar 2006Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I81137
8 Martin, Melinda F.  21 Mar 2009Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I79215
9 Martin, Rodney Paul  23 Aug 1979Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I28067
10 Martin, Seranus S.  5 Jun 1964Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I9280
11 Martin, Wilfred  19 Nov 2017Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I76254
12 Shoemaker, Jacob S.  17 Oct 1917Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I92006
13 Shoemaker, Rachel  12 Jul 1960Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I92018
14 Sitler, Sarah  27 Mar 1913Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I9981
15 Weber, Adeline  6 Mar 1928Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I25133


Matches 1 to 50 of 104

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Bauman, Abraham M.  Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I91970
2 Bauman, Audrey  9 Nov 2010Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I80944
3 Bauman, Audrey Lorraine  27 Jan 2013Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I26321
4 Bauman, Edna Irene  Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I92204
5 Bauman, Deacon Henry W.  16 Apr 1950Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I82417
6 Bauman, Irene M.  12 Jan 2018Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I38952
7 Bauman, Maurice B.  2 May 2015Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I80984
8 Bauman, Norene M.  18 Apr 2008Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I80943
9 Bauman, Vera  13 May 2012Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I76272
10 Bearinger, Vera  26 Jul 1987Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I43388
11 Bowman, Clayton  10 Aug 2014Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I97027
12 Bowman, George M.  10 Nov 2020Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I72832
13 Bowman, Noah M.  1 May 2011Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I44210
14 Bowman, Solomon B.  7 Oct 2001Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I42352
15 Brubacher, Eldon  Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I44830
16 Brubacher, Elmer S.  29 Nov 1991Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I75571
17 Brubacher, Enos K.  Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I80145
18 Brubacher, Erla B.  31 Jan 1977Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I47200
19 Brubacher, Neil Leroy  Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I75570
20 Brubacher, Orton  Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I65794
21 Brubacher, Orvie G.  1 Nov 2007Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I74431
22 Brubacher, Rebecca  20 Feb 1993Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I82416
23 Brubacher, Sarah  28 May 1996Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I74419
24 Buehler, Edwin M.  4 Nov 1977Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I74417
25 DeMartin, Ernesto Guiseppe  Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I89531
26 Dettweiler, Beatrice Mae  22 Jan 2010Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I48524
27 Dolphin, Millicent Gladys Isabelle  22 Aug 2002Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I64160
28 Erb, Annie  26 Dec 2013Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I44798
29 Freeman, Cleason B.  24 Dec 2018Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I38951
30 Freeman, Leonard B.  28 Aug 2019Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I44424
31 Frey, Henry W.  Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I49084
32 Frey, Lloyd  30 Mar 2011Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I76273
33 Frey, Martin A.  19 Dec 2006Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I41577
34 Gingrich, Blandina  25 Nov 1956Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I40951
35 Gingrich, Eileen S.  Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I28062
36 Gingrich, Eli B.  Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I76783
37 Gingrich, Larry  Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I73106
38 Habermehl, Alice  7 Jan 2022Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I26330
39 Hoffman, Susanna E.  Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I44850
40 Lemcke, Nancy Louise  1 Sep 2014Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I90203
41 Lichty, Clayton  31 Aug 1989Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I94111
42 Lichty, Dorothy  3 Mar 2022Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I78603
43 Lichty, Lydia Ann G.  Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I38726
44 Lichty, Oliver  Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I78605
45 Martin  Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I75208
46 Martin, Abner S.  Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I90171
47 Martin, Aden B.  Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I80835
48 Martin, Alice B.  Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I79289
49 Martin, Amsey B.  26 Oct 2021Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I46493
50 Martin, Anson M.  1 Aug 1977Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I38725

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Alt. Birth

Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Burkhart, Enoch  28 Jan 1861Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I10267
2 Eby, Edna Minerva  Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I73660

Alt. Death

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Death    Person ID 
1 Frey, Mary Ann  6 Mar 1921Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I26282


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Cremated    Person ID 
1 Bauman, Calvin David  Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I65579
2 Schwindt, Homer  26 Oct 2013Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I26355


Matches 1 to 50 of 52

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bauman, Audrey Lorraine  7 Nov 2006Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I26321
2 Bauman, C.B.   I79163
3 Bauman, C.G.   I76967
4 Bauman, L.   I44817
5 Bauman, Newton  26 Nov 2009Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I44862
6 Bauman, R.M.   I32515
7 Bauman, Vera  26 Mar 2011Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I76272
8 Bowman, K.S.   I75116
9 Bowman, L.L.   I79406
10 Brubacher, S.B.   I72835
11 Burkhart, Sarah  15 May 1940Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I73791
12 Clemmer, O.B.   I79320
13 Eby, E.B.   I71094
14 Frey, D.R.   I76265
15 Frey, D.R.   I76265
16 Gingrich, Amelia B.  30 Jan 1982Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I72746
17 Gingrich, L.   I90103
18 Kraemer, M.   I72937
19 Martin, A.   I43572
20 Martin, A.   I43572
21 Martin, A.M.   I32126
22 Martin, C.M.   I76257
23 Martin, C.M.   I76257
24 Martin, Earl M.  19 Jun 2011Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I74269
25 Martin, Elmer  22 Nov 1956Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I72097
26 Martin, E.   I41639
27 Martin, E.S.   I74385
28 Martin, F.   I67740
29 Martin, F.   I72096
30 Martin, G.   I77779
31 Martin, J.   I43559
32 Martin, J.   I43559
33 Martin, L.C.   I74268
34 Martin, L.   I72936
35 Martin, L.G.   I43556
36 Martin, M.   I43557
37 Martin, M.   I43557
38 Martin, Urias M.  Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I79214
39 Martin, Valina G.  22 Nov 1956Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I72100
40 Metzger, E.B.   I76897
41 Reesor, Annie R.  11 Nov 2013Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I72815
42 Sauder, Cleason B.  14 Feb 2013Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I43555
43 Schlueter, Jane  4 Feb 2011Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I79319
44 Shantz, S.   I40755
45 Snyder, E.   I44861
46 Snyder, E.   I44861
47 Weber, A.   I80772
48 Weber, Gordon Elmer  7 Nov 2006Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I26322
49 Weber, Lydia Ann  23 Jan 1937Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I25134
50 Wideman, C.   I32128

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Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Bauman / Bauman   F27720
2 Bauman / Dolphin   F27719
3 Bauman / Martin   F19617
4 Clemmer / Metzger   F30622
5 Dettweiler / Weber   F9527
6 Geiger / Weber  21 Oct 1869Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F7662
7 Gerber / Martin   F37492
8 Gingrich / Metzger   F18751
9 Martin / Beckwith   F26509
10 Martin / Frey   F20987
11 Martin / Irvine   F26385
12 Martin / Martin   F23545
13 Martin / Martin   F21252
14 Martin / Thomas   F21265
15 Metzger / Bauman   F19705
16 Roth / Lennox   F17814
17 Shoemaker / Frey   F20965
18 Snyder / Bauman  3 Sep 1949Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F19476
19 Snyder / Martin  1 Jun 1940Floradale, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F19276
20 Weber / Bauman   F26690
21 Weber / Martin   F20110
22 Wideman / Bauman   F29659


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Residence    Family ID 
1 Bauman / Shantz   F19513
2 Clemmer / Richards   F35987
3 Diehl / Martin   F26513
4 Frey / Martin   F23133
5 Gingrich / Sauder   F23672
6 Martin /    F42716
7 Martin / Clemmer   F23134
8 Martin / Frey   F18530
9 Martin / Martin   F22205
10 Martin / Weber   F34681
11 Shantz / Weber   F26904

Many thanks to all who have contributed names, dates, photographs and stories. Corrections are always welcome.
Our research is ongoing and the validity of the information presented should be judged by the quality of our sources.

Our study includes our ancestors and their descendants (our cousins) and our cousins' spouses and their parents. The parents of our cousins' spouses will show as "A descendant is related to Susan or Barry" and their other children will not be included unless they are connected to our family.

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