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Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada


City/Town : Latitude: 43.563757, Longitude: -80.637576


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bauman, Edna S.  2 May 1924Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I73853
2 Bauman, Irene B.  31 Jul 1900Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I72244
3 Bauman, Mahlon  23 Jul 1931Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I44389
4 Brubacher, Alma  6 Mar 1945Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I77595
5 Brubacher, John Martin  23 Mar 1935Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I69057
6 Buehler, William Henry  15 Mar 1904Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I85923
7 Hoover, Abraham  3 Feb 1926Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I28537
8 Hoover, Mary  6 Dec 1927Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I28538
9 Hoover, Maryann  17 Dec 1948Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I28549
10 Hoover, Norman  13 Apr 1922Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I28535
11 Hoover, R.   I28536
12 Martin, Aaron M. MD  18 May 1930Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I44105
13 Martin, James Neil  19 Oct 1949Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I71256
14 Martin, J.R.   I28941
15 Martin, Willard M.  13 Jan 1934Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I57055
16 Oakes, Eliza  6 Jul 1872Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I128242
17 Sauder, Henry  12 Jul 1852Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I114127
18 Sittler, Magdalena  10 Sep 1891Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I67911
19 Weber, Catherina  18 Apr 1846Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I22624
20 Wideman, David  15 Dec 1853Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I89349


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Bauman, Orlan  21 Aug 2002Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I30870
2 Bowman, Nelson F.  27 Apr 2019Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I44141
3 Brubacher, Lovina H.  2 Sep 2006Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I46600
4 Clemmer, Viola M.  16 Nov 2002Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I45365
5 Eby, Susanna  7 Jan 1935Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I82906
6 Lichty, Edna M.  15 Oct 2012Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I29371
7 Martin, Eli Shirk  15 Oct 2014Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I29073
8 Martin, Noah S.  27 Jul 2000Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I28647
9 Martin, Orville  9 Feb 1986Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I28736
10 Weber, Lizzie B.  18 Oct 2007Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I66612


Matches 1 to 50 of 143

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Bast, Susanne Barbara  Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I44317
2 Bastiaansen, Michael  30 Nov 2019Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I42619
3 Bauman, Alma M.  27 Jul 2022Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I45038
4 Bauman, Anna  Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I44355
5 Bauman, David S.  Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I44201
6 Bauman, Elmer  Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I44364
7 Bauman, Erma  19 Apr 2022Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I44805
8 Bauman, Mahlon  25 Mar 2023Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I44389
9 Bauman, Mary M.  21 Jan 2023Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I28836
10 Bauman, Rufus  19 Jul 2012Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I76968
11 Bauman, Selina  Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I44286
12 Bauman, Urias S.  Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I44393
13 Bearinger, Leonard S.  Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I80998
14 Berdan, Donna Frances  Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I71605
15 Biehn, Sarah Joy  9 Jul 2003Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I63347
16 Bowman, Arlene M.  Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I79178
17 Bowman, David M.  Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I41198
18 Bowman, Lydia Ann  Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I48123
19 Brox, Annie  11 Dec 1971Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I40807
20 Brubacher, Annie W.  Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I67669
21 Brubacher, Emma  Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I44539
22 Brubacher, Esther May  Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I79061
23 Brubacher, Lloyd G.  5 Dec 2018Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I74325
24 Brubacher, Mary  Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I30399
25 Brubacher, Susannah  Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I29230
26 Brubacher, Tilman H.  1 Feb 1980Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I25313
27 Brubacker, Adline  3 Aug 2007Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I79891
28 Buehler, William Henry  8 Nov 1982Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I85923
29 Clemmer, Alma  Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I72908
30 Clemmer, Jeff  Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I30425
31 Clemmer, Lloyd  29 Dec 2016Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I44642
32 Clemmer, Onias  Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I72910
33 Clemmer, Wilma  Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I72906
34 Diefenbacher, Elizabeth F.  21 Mar 1997Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I78763
35 Donald, Marcus Munroe  Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I128241
36 Eby, Almeda  2 Apr 1983Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I28936
37 Frede, Reinhard  8 Feb 2006Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I45039
38 Freeman, Lloyd  Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I79896
39 Frey, Abner  Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I40616
40 Frey, Ezra B.  Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I28271
41 Frey, Jacob F.  Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I78505
42 Frey, Marvin M.  Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I44189
43 Frey, Mary  Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I29122
44 Frey, Melinda W.  Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I79176
45 Frey, Minerva  20 Dec 2013Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I44641
46 Gerber, Emma  1 Nov 2005Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I30836
47 Gingrich, Gordon M.  16 Mar 1997Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I27534
48 Gingrich, Ivan M.  Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I78237
49 Gingrich, Magdalena  Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I76969
50 Grant, Helen  15 Feb 2017Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I40658

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Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Hintz, Norman  1911Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I28237


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Cremated    Person ID 
1 Israel, June Helene  Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I125068
2 Martin, Eileen Elsie  Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I29920
3 Martin, Henry M.  Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I75994


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bauman, Ada B.  3 May 2011Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I68833
2 Bauman, A.   I78824
3 Bauman, I.M.   I75113
4 Bauman, N.   I43401
5 Bauman, Rufus  Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I76968
6 Brubacher, D.   I9154
7 Brubacher, K.F.   I79461
8 Brubacher, L.   I77589
9 Bulmer, L.H.   I28946
10 Burkhart, J.M.   I79205
11 Burkhart, J.M.   I79205
12 Burkhart, J.M.   I79205
13 Clemmer, M.   I17659
14 Erb, Ruth Margaret  14 Jan 1956Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I16757
15 Frey, A.   I43402
16 Frey, L.B.   I82766
17 Geiser, V.E.   I83022
18 Good, S.L.   I9153
19 Hiller, Gordon  29 Jan 2011Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I61195
20 Hoover, N.   I100871
21 Horst, H.K.   I78825
22 Lichty, Edna M.  15 Oct 2012Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I29371
23 Martin, Benneval G.  Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I73096
24 Martin, Claude Laverne  5 Feb 2012Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I28939
25 Martin, Edgar S.  Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I45377
26 Martin, Eli Shirk  15 Oct 2014Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I29073
27 Martin, J.   I68854
28 Martin, L.M.   I79206
29 Martin, L.M.   I79206
30 Martin, L.M.   I79206
31 Martin, R.   I45376
32 Martin, S.W.   I82581
33 Martin, S.   I45166
34 Martin, S.W.   I43011
35 Sauder, A.B.   I43010
36 Shantz, Amos W.  27 Sep 2009Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I82631
37 Sherk, E.   I71734
38 Weber, Lydian W.  27 Apr 2012Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I46528
39 Weber, R.O.   I83032
40 Wideman, Amanda  28 Sep 1951Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I77598
41 Wideman, Barbara  28 Sep 1951Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I78295
42 Wideman, Josiah B.  28 Sep 1951Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I81863
43 Wideman, Martha  28 Sep 1951Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I77937
44 Wideman, Melvin  28 Sep 1951Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I77224
45 Wideman, Owen  28 Sep 1951Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada I73044


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Brubacher / Weber   F17663
2 Cressman / Brubacher   F26591
3 Donald / Oakes  24 Jul 1895Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F49013
4 Durrant / Wilson  31 Oct 1877Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F46373
5 Freeman / Bauman   F21234
6 Frey / Bauman   F18439
7 Gingrich / Biehn   F24594
8 Gingrich / Horst   F12693
9 Gingrich / Martin   F17793
10 Heintz / Martin  24 May 1952Hawkesville, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada F10627
11 Horst / Martin   F30454
12 Malloy / Hoffman   F18396
13 Martin / Bauman   F10912
14 Martin / Bulmer   F17954
15 Martin / Martin   F19716
16 Metzger / Bauman   F18437
17 Metzger / Martin   F17619
18 Stewart / Weber   F19321


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Residence    Family ID 
1 Biehn / Cressman   F23828
2 Brubacher / Clemmer   F16959
3 Gingerich / Shantz   F18124
4 Gingerich / Shantz   F18124
5 Martin / Brubacher   F12731
6 Martin / Martin   F39950
7 Martin / Martin   F28373
8 Martin / Sauder   F18636
9 Martin / Sauder   F18636
10 Weber / Bowman   F26962

Many thanks to all who have contributed names, dates, photographs and stories. Corrections are always welcome.
Our research is ongoing and the validity of the information presented should be judged by the quality of our sources.

Our study includes our ancestors and their descendants (our cousins) and our cousins' spouses and their parents. The parents of our cousins' spouses will show as "A descendant is related to Susan or Barry" and their other children will not be included unless they are connected to our family.

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