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Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA


City/Town : Latitude: 39.7683333333333, Longitude: -86.1580555555555


Matches 1 to 47 of 47

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Apgar, Amalda Jane  9 Aug 1947Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124528
2 Apgar, George Orval  28 Nov 1950Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124529
3 Ash, Dolores Ann  3 Feb 1933Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I116615
4 Bolt, Donna Mae  9 Nov 1927Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I83588
5 Bond, Richard Anthony  22 Feb 1933Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124505
6 Bond, Robert Mitchell  22 Feb 1933Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124507
7 Deburger, Alice Irene  2 Jan 1909Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124503
8 Deburger, Annabelle Lee  4 May 1914Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124518
9 Deburger, Charlotte Rose  9 Feb 1923Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124530
10 Deburger, Dorothy Helen  23 May 1918Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124526
11 Deburger, George Alexander  10 Oct 1901Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124497
12 Deburger, Joseph Anthony  18 Aug 1925Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124532
13 Deburger, Mary Jane Ruth  15 Mar 1913Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124513
14 Deburger, Paul Emmanuel  19 Feb 1911Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124509
15 Diersing, Dorothy Louise  12 Jul 1924Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I115125
16 Duncan, Philip Darryl  17 Feb 1948Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I115123
17 Duncan, Walter Harrison  3 Mar 1924Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I115124
18 Edwards, Leona Jane  12 Feb 1920Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124524
19 Elias, M.E.   I116613
20 Elias, Nicholas Thomas  11 May 2008Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I116612
21 Fechtman, Hugo William  12 Sep 1902Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I5085
22 Fechtman, Dr. William Frederick  12 Jun 1934Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I5080
23 Gray, C.S.   I33748
24 Gray, Charles Richard  11 Nov 1920Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I4480
25 Gray, Donald King  1 Mar 1922Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I6787
26 Johantges, Carl Joseph  14 Mar 1910Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124519
27 Martin, Frederick Edward  4 May 1874Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I6653
28 Masters, Barbara  9 Mar 1922Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I5158
29 Masters, Charlotte Melissa  7 Mar 1927Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I4467
30 Masters, D.R.   I4471
31 Masters, Franklin Delano  17 Sep 1935Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I4473
32 Masters, John  28 Aug 1918Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I116444
33 Masters, John Bruce  21 Sep 1919Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I4485
34 Masters, Dr. John Melvin  8 May 1899Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I5126
35 Masters, Marianne  9 Aug 1947Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I5160
36 Masters, Mary Louise  24 Jan 1919Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I4483
37 Masters, Mildred Carolyn  8 Jul 1932Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I5132
38 Masters, Mildred Juanita  15 Mar 1915Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I4463
39 Masters, Dr. Robert John  18 Aug 1894Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I4190
40 McFarland, Harry Taylor  17 Feb 1910Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124544
41 McKeon, Margaret Delia  21 Jul 1923Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124583
42 Norwell, Jeannetta May  26 Mar 1892Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124549
43 Pittenger, G.L.   I5143
44 Pittenger, G.M.   I5145
45 Pittenger, M.A.   I5144
46 Wesselman, Julia Ann  2 Feb 1952Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I5139
47 Weston, D.G.   I87711


Matches 1 to 50 of 61

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ackmann, Stephen Allen  10 Jun 2010Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I4895
2 Apgar, Amalda Jane  26 Mar 1951Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124528
3 Apgar, George Orval  15 Jun 2004Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124529
4 Ash, Dolores Ann  16 Nov 2015Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I116615
5 Bolt, Nancy Lee  21 Jun 1998Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I83592
6 Cain, Charles Masters Dr.  8 Mar 1918Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I4183
7 Carter, Mildred Genevieve  28 Jan 1984Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I4481
8 Cheney, Charles Edward  14 Apr 1919Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I3825
9 Deburger, Annabelle Lee  26 Sep 1998Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124518
10 Deburger, Charlotte Rose  24 Mar 2008Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124530
11 Deburger, Dorothy Helen  29 Jul 2007Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124526
12 Deburger, George Alexander  20 Jun 1994Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124497
13 Deburger, George Sebis  3 Dec 1960Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124496
14 Deburger, George Sevey  22 Oct 1887Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124609
15 Deburger, Marcus A.  8 Jul 1978Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124523
16 Deburger, Paul Emmanuel  11 Dec 1981Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124509
17 Edwards, Leona Jane  15 Sep 2012Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124524
18 Fechtman, Hugo William  29 May 1983Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I5085
19 Fechtman, Dr. William Frederick  9 Jun 2008Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I5080
20 Frazier, Robert Eugene  Aug 1981Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I33519
21 Gray, Gary Milner  2 May 1991Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I33751
22 Hastings, Mary Margaret  18 Jan 1991Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I5161
23 Hastings, Willard Jonas  10 Aug 1963Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I6791
24 Jibson, Pansy Faith  Aug 1966Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I27106
25 Johantges, George Allen  4 May 2017Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124520
26 Johantges, Stephen Allen  6 Aug 2016Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124522
27 Kraft, Mary  8 Feb 1969Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I27016
28 Logan, Helen Elizabeth Masters  4 Jan 1985Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I4197
29 Logan, Mary Anita  14 Jan 1980Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I4196
30 Loucks, Timothy Allen  5 Sep 1998Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I90382
31 Maley, Mary  Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124610
32 Markey, Willa A.  22 Jun 1978Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124498
33 Masters, Claude Edward  Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I4462
34 Masters, Edward Benjamin  21 Oct 1947Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I4135
35 Masters, John  28 Aug 1918Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I116444
36 Masters, Dr. John Lewis  24 May 1916Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I3802
37 Masters, Dr. John Melvin  10 Feb 1980Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I5126
38 Masters, Marianne  29 May 2012Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I5160
39 Masters, Mary Josephine  1 Sep 1951Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I3801
40 Masters, Mary Louise  28 Jan 2014Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I4483
41 Masters, Mildred Juanita  18 Mar 1946Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I4463
42 Masters, Paul Lewis  29 Dec 1968Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I4189
43 Masters, Ralph Raymond  9 Nov 1952Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I4138
44 Masters, Dr. Robert John  30 Oct 1970Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I4190
45 Masters, Rosa Susanna  26 Oct 1943Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I3804
46 McKean, Mary  25 Aug 2003Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I122668
47 McKeon, Margaret Delia  4 Feb 2005Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124583
48 McKeon, Michael  10 Nov 1978Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124584
49 McNair, Bernice Carrie  22 Dec 1957Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I126346
50 Neville, Mary Josephine  30 Sep 1956Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124585

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Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Margaret B.  Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I116412
2 Apgar, Amalda Jane  Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124528
3 Apgar, David O.  Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124527
4 Apgar, George Orval  Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124529
5 Ash, Dolores Ann  19 Nov 2015Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I116615
6 Cheney, Charles Edward  Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I3825
7 Clatk, Ethel Mae  Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124510
8 Deburger, Charlotte Rose  Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124530
9 Deburger, George Alexander  Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124497
10 Deburger, George Sebis  Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124496
11 Deburger, Paul Emmanuel  Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124509
12 Dugas, Claude L.  Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124531
13 Edwards, Leona Jane  Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124524
14 Jibson, Pansy Faith  Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I27106
15 Johantges, Stephen Allen  Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124522
16 Kraft, Mary  Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I27016
17 Lefler, William  Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I11583
18 Masters, Dr. Robert John  Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I4190
19 Meyers, Margaret Amelia  Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I125425
20 Murphy, Mary Eleanor  Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I5159
21 Norwell, Minnie  Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I124492

Alt. Death

Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Death    Person ID 
1 Carter, Mildred Genevieve  20 Feb 1984Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I4481
2 Cheney, George Masters  1920Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I3819
3 Foster, Sarah Ellen  2 May 1960Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I36550
4 Masters, Dr. John Lewis  25 Mar 1916Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I3802
5 Masters, Dr. John Lewis  24 May 1916Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I3802
6 Masters, Mary Josephine  2 Sep 1951Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I3801
7 Masters, Paul Lewis  29 Dec 1968Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I4189


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Cremated    Person ID 
1 Ackmann, Stephen Allen  Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I4895
2 Masters, Marianne  Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I5160


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Masters, Dr. John Lewis  Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I3802
2 Masters, Dr. John Melvin  Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I5126
3 Masters, Dr. Robert John  Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I4190


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 N.   I45715
2 R.   I45712
3 Boyd, Rex  1953Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I6980
4 Cain, Edith Elizabeth  1953Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I4182
5 Cain, Mary Louise  1953Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I4187
6 Carter, Mildred Genevieve  1953Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I4481
7 Cheney, Lois  1953Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I6979
8 Cheney, Martha Margaret  1953Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I6987
9 Erb, Sarah Sephrona  1874Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I870
10 Fechtman, Hugo William  1953Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I5085
11 Fechtman, R.W.   I5082
12 Fechtman, R.F.   I5083
13 Gray, Donald King  1953Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I4479
14 Hastings, Mary Margaret  1953Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I5161
15 Haun, Gentry  1953Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I6988
16 Haun, L.S.   I7070
17 Logan, Helen Elizabeth Masters  1953Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I4197
18 Martin, Frederick Albert  1874Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I6349
19 Masters, Dr. John Melvin  1953Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I5126
20 Masters, Mary Louise  1953Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I4483
21 Masters, Paul Lewis  1953Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I4189
22 Metcalf, Margaret Eleanor  22 Aug 1977Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I33750
23 Metcalf, Margaret Eleanor  1984Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I33750
24 Wesselman, Harold John  1953Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I5134

Social Security Number

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Social Security Number    Person ID 
1 Frazier, Robert Eugene  Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA I33519


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ackmann / Masters  25 Aug 1973Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA F1605
2 Bond / Cummins   F47181
3 Crowe / Masters   F1453
4 Fechtman / Logan  6 Aug 1932Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA F1426
5 Gray / Engel   F11879
6 Hoover / Bolt   F9385
7 Johantges / Deburger  29 Aug 1936Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA F47188
8 Locke / Pittenger   F7160
9 Masters / Hastings  19 Aug 1942Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA F1667
10 Masters / Merrifield   F1456
11 Masters / Savage   F1457
12 Masters / Van Winkle  1 Aug 1917Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA F1421
13 Shoemaker / Masters   F1455
14 Thomas / Gray   F11881

Many thanks to all who have contributed names, dates, photographs and stories. Corrections are always welcome.
Our research is ongoing and the validity of the information presented should be judged by the quality of our sources.

Our study includes our ancestors and their descendants (our cousins) and our cousins' spouses and their parents. The parents of our cousins' spouses will show as "A descendant is related to Susan or Barry" and their other children will not be included unless they are connected to our family.

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