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Lake and Reynolds Genealogy

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Susan and Barry Reynolds

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 #   Report Name   Description 
1. Age at death less than 18  
2. DNA Supported Relationship An Ancestry DNA test from Susan or Barry Reynolds is linked to another person's test through this person. 
3. English Relatives Our English Relatives 
4. Garmin Cemetery POI File For Cemeteries on This Website Click "Comma-delimited CSV file" to create a Custom POI csv file that can be imported into a Garmin GPS using Garmin's Custom Point of Interest Loader
5. German Relatives Our German Relatives 
6. Irish Relatives Our Irish Relatives 
7. Tuscola County Michigan Relatives Our Tuscola County Michigan Relatives 
8. Michigan Relatives Our Michigan, USA Relatives 
9. Pennsylvania Relatives Our Pennsylvania, USA Relatives 
10. Simcoe County Relatives Our Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada Relatives 
11. Waterloo County Relatives Our Waterloo County, Ontario, Canada Relatives 
12. Today's Birthdays Relatives With a Birthday Today 

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March 4, 2024