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 Ayr Cemetery, Ayr, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Latitude: 43.285297, Longitude: -80.443139 | Click to get directions to Ayr Cemetery
Ayr Cemetery

Stanley St., Ayr Village, North Dumfries Township, Waterloo Region, Ontario

Ayr Cemetery is run by a private company of interested shareholders and is a communty cemtery for southwestern North Dumfries, northwestern South Dumfries and northeast Blenheim. it sits on a hillside to the east of the village with a pleasant chapel attached. it is a very well kept and dominated by the many obelisks with which the more well-off families replaced their limestone individuals markers in the 1920's and 1930's.

The cemetery was founded in 1877, an early mention being in John Wyllie's letter to his brother-in-law in March of that year which mentioned a public meeting to select a site. the public cemetery would replace the several smaller local cemeteries, including the churchyards of Stanley Street and Knox churches and a number smaller burial grounds in the nearby countryside.



 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Gladstone, Milton Henry (1925 -  )
Gladstone, Milton Henry (1925 - )
Margaret E. Gladstone
Birth: Jul. 26, 1927
Death: Oct. 27, 1995
Wife of Milton H. Thomas. 
    Margaret Elspeth Gladstone (d. 27 Oct 1995)
Milton Henry Thomas (d. Sep 2009)
Hagey, Sharon Rose (1949 - 1968)
Hagey, Sharon Rose (1949 - 1968)
Sharon Rose (Hagey) Hodgson 
    Sharon Rose Hagey (d. 19 Mar 1968)
Rutherford, James (1885 - 1985)
Rutherford, James (1885 - 1985)
James Rutherford
Birth: Aug. 4, 1885
Death: Mar. 19, 1985

Beatrice Snyder
Birth: May 19, 1890
Death: Feb. 20, 1986
Beatrice was born to Caroline Cress before she met and married Isaiah Snyder. Beatrice's birth record does not indicate her biological father's name.

Marion E. Rutherford
Birth: Nov. 28, 1916
Death: Sep. 25, 1953 
    James Rutherford (d. 19 Mar 1985)
Marion E. Rutherford (d. 25 Sep 1953)
Beatrice Elizabeth Cress Snyder (d. 20 Feb 1986)
Rutherford, Walter (1837 - 1921)
Rutherford, Walter (1837 - 1921)
Walter Rutherford
Birth: Feb. 14, 1837
Death: Jan. 10, 1921
Husband of Janet Williamson. Son of John and Christina Rutherford.

Jannet Williamson
Birth: Jan. 29, 1846
Death: Jan. 4, 1921
Daughter of Anne (Calder) and James Williamson. Wife of Walter Rutherford.  
    Walter Rutherford (d. 10 Jan 1921)
Jannet Williamson (d. 4 Jan 1921)
Schlichter, Herbert C. (1875 - 1959)
Schlichter, Herbert C. (1875 - 1959)
Elizabeth Jane (Gammon) and Herbert C. Schlichter 
    Elizabeth Jane Gammon (d. 1942)
Herbert C. Schlichter (d. 1959)

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