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 Blair Cemetery, Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Latitude: 43.381753, Longitude: -80.38619 | Click to get directions to Blair Cemetery
Blair Cemetery

Also known as Old Blair Memorial Cemetery.

Behind 2 Ashton St., Blair/Cambridge, Waterloo, Ontario

Cambridge (formerly Blair and Preston) Lot No. 4 Beasley's Tract Old Survey, West of the Grand River in the Lower Block of Waterloo Township, in the Village of Blair, formerly annexed to the Town of Preston now part of the City of Cambridge within the Waterloo Region, Ontario.

This cemetery is located in the village of Blair is reputed to be one of the oldest cemetery in Waterloo Region. The first burial took place on March 10, 1804. The original entrace to the cemetery is gained through a lane turning south off Old Mill Road just past the Blair Communtiy Church. This lane is quite steep and has two stone pillars at the entrance. Another access is now available from Ashton. From Old Mill Road, turn south on Meadowcreek Lane and turn left on John Brick Road to the end. This cemetery is divided into Section A and B. A sunken road divides the two sections. - From the website "Mennonite Heritage Portrait" http://www.mennoniteheritageportrait.ca/Report.php?ListType=Locations&ID=1682

Herald of Truth Newspaper November 1866 - Vol. III, No. 11 Page 92

In Wilmot, Waterloo Co., C. W, at the residence of Abraham Bricker, son of the deceased, on the 14th October, Nancy, wife of the late John Bricker, at the advanced age of 91 years, 10 months, and 2 days. She came from Cumberland Co., Pa., to Canada in the Spring of 1802, and lived here, respected by all, to the day of her death. She was a sister of Daniel and Jacob Erb, to whom the German Company Tract of Waterloo Township was deeded in 1865, also of Abraham Erb, the founder of Waterloo Village.

She was buried on the 16th in the old burying-ground in the village of Blair. This is the oldest piece of ground selected for burying purposes in Waterloo, and she was the one who made the selection. Sixty-two years ago, while her husband was away to the States, one of her sons died, and as there was no place to bury the dead she went up to the hill, a little distance from where they were then living, and found an open little little(sic) place where she decided to bury her dead. She planted a tree at the foot of the little grave which tree is now about ten inches in diameter. She herself gave ground for a public cemetery, and for that reason wished to be buried there. Moses Bowman and Daniel Wismer officiated on the occasion. Only one or two are still living who came to Canada so early as the deceased.- Waterloo Chronicle


 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Baer, Jonah Steen (1858 - 1946)
Baer, Jonah Steen (1858 - 1946)
Jonah Steen Baer
Birth: Oct. 11, 1858
Death: Aug. 6, 1946
Son of Margaret (Steen) and John Baer, husband of Sulinda Stauffer.

Sulinda Stauffer
Death: 1943
Daughter of Mary (Betzner) and Benjamin Stauffer, wife of Jonah Baer. 
    Jonah Steen Baer (d. 6 Aug 1946)
Sulinda Stauffer (d. 1943)
Baer, Melvin Elmer (1889 - 1971)
Baer, Melvin Elmer (1889 - 1971)
Melvin Elmer Baer
Birth: May 13, 1899
Death: Nov. 28, 1971
Son of Sulinda (Stauffer) and Jonah Baer, husband to Luanna Brubacher.

Luanna Brubacher
Birth: Dec. 22, 1890
Death: Apr. 2, 1973
Daughter of Angeline (Rudy) and John Brubacher, wife of Melvin Baer. 
    Melvin Elmer Baer (d. 28 Nov 1971)
Luanna Brubacher (d. 2 Apr 1973)
Baumann, Joseph O. (1766 - 1849)
Baumann, Joseph O. (1766 - 1849)
Rev. Joseph O. Baumann 
    Rev. Joseph O. Baumann (d. 19 Jan 1849)
Bechtel, George (1746 - 1828)
Bechtel, George (1746 - 1828)
George Bechtel and his wife Elizabeth Morris 
    George Yarrick Bechtel (d. 17 Sep 1828)
Elizabeth Morris (d. 22 Dec 1836)
Bowman, Leah (1804 - 1876)
Bowman, Leah (1804 - 1876)
Leah Bowman
Birth: Jun. 6, 1804
Death: Apr. 24, 1876
Daughter of Mary (Baer) and Joseph Bowman, wife of David Snyder.
Inscription reads: aged 72 Yrs. 10 Mo. 18 Dys.
Death record reads: aged 71y, 9m, 19d 
    Leah Bowman (d. 24 Apr 1876)
Bricker, David (1843 - 1847)
Bricker, David (1843 - 1847)
David Bricker / Died July the 30th, 1847 / Aged 4 Yrs, 0 Ms? and / 25 Days 
    David Bricker (d. 30 Jul 1847)
Bricker, John (1769 - 1854)
Bricker, John (1769 - 1854)
John Bricker
Birth: Dec. 28, 1769
Death: Feb. 19, 1854
Son of Mary (Bear) and Peter Bricker, husband to Nancy Erb 
    John Bucher Bricker (d. 19 Feb 1854)
Bricker, Levi (1846 - 1847)
Bricker, Levi (1846 - 1847)
Levi Bricker / Died Aug 9 / 1847 / Aged 1 Yr ___? 
    Levi Bricker (d. 9 Aug 1847)
Clemens, Elizabeth Irene (1889 - 1975)
Clemens, Elizabeth Irene (1889 - 1975)
Irene Elizabeth Clemens
Birth: Oct. 15, 1889, Waterloo County, Ontario, Canada
Death: May 14, 1975, Waterloo County, Ontario, Canada
Note: Birth date on her birth registration: 13 Oct. 1889. 
    Elizabeth Irene Clemens (d. 14 May 1975)
Clemens, Horace Arnold (1877 - 1914)
Clemens, Horace Arnold (1877 - 1914)
Horace Clemens and his wife Hadassah Caulfield 
    Hadassah Caulfield (d. 30 Aug 1971)
Horace Arnold Clemens (d. 22 May 1914)
Clemens, Magdalena (1855 - 1925)
Clemens, Magdalena (1855 - 1925)
Magdalena (Clemmmens) Stauffer 
    Magdalena Clemens (d. 9 Feb 1925)
Clemens, Menno B. (1845 - 1885)
Clemens, Menno B. (1845 - 1885)
Meno Clemens and his wife Mary Ann Eshleman 
    Menno B. Clemens (d. 4 Jul 1885)
Mary Ann Eshleman (d. 22 Sep 1904)
Clemens, William Henry (1861 - 1908)
Clemens, William Henry (1861 - 1908)
William Henry Clemens 
    William Henry Clemens (d. 8 Aug 1908)
Erb, Nancy (1744 - 1866)
Erb, Nancy (1744 - 1866)
Nancy Erb 
    Nancy Anna Erb (d. 13 Oct 1866)
Eshleman, Moses (1824 - 1912)
Eshleman, Moses (1824 - 1912)
Susan (Stauffer) and Moses Eshleman
..Moses Eshelman, died Feb 10 1912//
Susan Stauffer, wife of Moses Eshelman, died April 2 1862, age 33 //
Their children Sarah, died March 10 1850, age 3 yrs. 11 mos. 25 days, Nancy Jane, died Sept 23 1860, age 1 yr. 17 days. 
    Moses Eshleman (d. 12 Feb 1912)
Susan Stauffer (d. 2 Apr 1862)
Hagey, Aaron (1861 - 1933)
Hagey, Aaron (1861 - 1933)
Aaron Hagey, his wife Margaret Beaver and their son Howard B. Hagey 
    Margaret Beaver (d. 19 Jul 1924)
Aaron B. Hagey (d. 27 May 1933)
Howard B. Hagey (d. 26 Apr 1981)
Hagey, Amelia (1862 - 1899)
Hagey, Amelia (1862 - 1899)
Amelia Hage, first wife of William Clemens
Eva Evangeline Hagey, second wife of William Clemens 
    Amelia Hagey (d. 29 Apr 1899)
Eva Evangeline Hagey (d. 1941)
McDonald, Neil (1929 - 1993)
McDonald, Neil (1929 - 1993)
Neil McDonald
Birth: Jun. 23, 1929, Ontario, Canada
Death: Jul. 20, 1993, Ontario, Canada 
    Neil McDonald (d. 20 Jul 1993)
McNally, Isaac (1853 - 1937)
McNally, Isaac (1853 - 1937)
Elmina (Huber) and Isaac McNally
Their Children William, Ethel May and Winnifred 
    Elmina Huber (d. 21 Sep 1908)
Ethel May McNally (d. 1970)
Isaac McNally (d. 1937)
William McNally (d. 1938)
Winnifred McNally (d. 1981)
McNally, John (1822 - 1913)
McNally, John (1822 - 1913)
John McNally and his wife Mary Ann Shoemaker 
    Rev. John McNally (d. 11 Jul 1913)
Mary Ann Shoemaker (d. 21 Dec 1909)
Snider, Harold Edgar (1913 - 1991)
Snider, Harold Edgar (1913 - 1991)
Harold Edgar Snider
Birth: 1913
Death: 1991
Son of Estella (Baer) and Ion Snider.

Ruth Snider
Birth: 1921
Death: 14 January 2008 
    Harold Edgar Snider (d. 1991)
Ruth Snider (d. 14 Jan 2008)
Snider, Ion S. (1889 - 1963)
Snider, Ion S. (1889 - 1963)
Ion S Snider
Birth: Jun. 1, 1889
Death: Dec. 17, 1963

Son of Susannah (Shantz) and Jacob Snider. Husband to Estelle Baer and Mary Stauffer.

Estelle May Baer
Birth: Aug. 25, 1890
Death: Dec. 14, 1917

Daughter of Sulinda (Stauffer) and Jonah Baer. 1st wife of Ion Snider.

Mary Stauffer
Birth: 1902
Death: Jul. 30, 1982

Daughter of Elizabeth (Otterbein) and Norman Stauffer, 2nd wife of Ion Snider.
Note: Mary's obit says she is buried in Nairn Mennonite Cemetery. Is this just a cenotaph?  
    Estella May Baer (d. 14 Dec 1917)
Ion S. Snider (d. 17 Dec 1963)
Mary O. Stauffer (d. 30 Jul 1982)
Snyder, Lucinda (1867-1936)
Snyder, Lucinda (1867-1936)
Lucinda Snyder
Birth: Nov. 6, 1867
Death: Oct. 28, 1936

Daughter of Elizabeth (Betzner) and Joseph Snyder. First married to Simeon Brubacher, then John McNally. She was John McNally's 3rd wife.

Sarah Ruddell
Birth: Mar. 10, 1864
Death: Mar. 21, 1915

Daughter of Hannah (Clemens) and John Ruddell, 2nd wife of John McNally.

Norman R McNally
Birth: Nov. 27, 1898
Death: Mar. 7, 1905

Son of Sarah (Ruddell) and John McNally.

Fred R McNally
Birth: Jun. 23, 1900
Death: Apr. 29, 1928

Son of Sarah (Ruddell) and John McNally. 
    Fred R. McNally (d. 29 Apr 1928)
Norman Rudell McNally (d. 7 Mar 1905)
Sarah Ruddell (d. 21 Mar 1915)
Lucinda Snyder (d. 28 Oct 1936)
Stauffer, Joseph B. (1818 - 1853)
Stauffer, Joseph B. (1818 - 1853)
Nancy (Bowman) and Joseph B. Stauffer 
    Nancy Bowman (d. 15 Apr 1889)
Joseph B. Stauffer (d. 9 Jul 1853)

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