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 Riverside Cemetery, New Hamburg, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Latitude: 43.374503, Longitude: -80.69742 | Click to get directions to Riverside Cemetery
Riverside Cemetery

Riverside is a large municipal cemetery.

One interesting feature is the Riverside Cemetery Pioneer Memorial which is a canopied rectangular concrete structure about 15' x 32' with walls about 3-1/2' high, and with entrances on the north and south sides. Monuments are embedded in the exterior and interior walls, on the floor and at the north entrance. The monuments were originally erected in the burial ground of the Evangelical United Brethren on the north side of Huron Street, and in the cemetery on Wilmot Street associated with the Trinity Lutheran Church. The remains exhumed from the two cemeteries were reinterred in a common grave at Riverside without individual identification. Some of the monuments were removed to family plots in Riverside. The remainder were incorporated in the Pioneer Memorial. The original burying grounds are now occupied by residences.


 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Bechtel, Delfred Earl (1921 - 2003)
Bechtel, Delfred Earl (1921 - 2003)
Delfred Earl Bechtel
Birth: Mar. 24, 1921
Death: Apr. 19, 2003

Pearl Snyder
Birth: Aug. 1, 1921
Death: Apr. 1, 1998
Daughter of Arthur & Lilly (Witmer) Snyder. Wife of Delfred E. Bechtel.  
    Delfred Earl Bechtel (d. 19 Apr 2003)
Pearl W. Snyder (d. 1 Apr 1998)
Bingeman, Earl S. (1907 - 1936)
Bingeman, Earl S. (1907 - 1936)
Earl S. Bingeman 
    Earl S. Bingeman (d. 13 Jul 1936)
Bingeman, John Elias (1876 - 1940)
Bingeman, John Elias (1876 - 1940)
John Elias Bingeman 
    John Elias Bingeman (d. 17 Jun 1940)
Bingeman, Nile S. (1915 - 1989)
Bingeman, Nile S. (1915 - 1989)
Nile S. Bingeman 
    Nile S. Bingeman (d. 12 Jan 1989)
Grove, Elmer David (1925 - 1987)
Grove, Elmer David (1925 - 1987)
Rev Elmer David Grove
Birth: Apr. 27, 1925
Death: Jun. 18, 1927
Son of Russell and Annie (Byer) Grove, husband of Ella Wideman.

    Elmer David Grove (d. 18 Jun 1987)
Ella Magdalena Wideman (d. 18 Feb 2016)
Seegmiller, Louisa (1873 - 1904)
Seegmiller, Louisa (1873 - 1904)
Louisa Seegmiller
Birth: Jan. 15, 1873
Death: Jan. 9, 1904

Ely Eby
Birth: Nov. 18, 1902
Death: May 28, 1903
According to Ely's death record, he died May 29, 1903.  
    Ely Eby (d. 29 May 1903)
Louisa Seegmiller (d. 9 Jan 1904)
Shantz, Judith Ann (1880 - 1945)
Shantz, Judith Ann (1880 - 1945)
Judith Ann (Shantz) Bingeman 
    Judith Ann Shantz (d. 1945)
Snyder, William E. (1951 - 1997)
Joanne (Frank) and William E. Snyder 
    J. Frank
William E. Snyder (d. 15 Feb 1997)

Many thanks to all who have contributed names, dates, photographs and stories. Corrections are always welcome.
Our research is ongoing and the validity of the information presented should be judged by the quality of our sources.

Our study includes our ancestors and their descendants (our cousins) and our cousins' spouses and their parents. The parents of our cousins' spouses will show as "A descendant is related to Susan or Barry" and their other children will not be included unless they are connected to our family.

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